IVCC/CCSVI, idéos et échos de murs de ce lundi.

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*Echos de murs:
*Yvonne Andersen  This is the Press Release that I have been talking about for weeks now. This is Marcels story. I personally met Marcel and Chrissy this past week when they visited my home. We talked and felt like old friends the entire few hours that they were here. Please read and pass Marcels story around to everyone you know. Hopefully this will step things up a notch!
Yvonne Andersen  Okay, everyone the day is finally here for the press release that I've been promising. This has been a long haul to get to this point. I will be sending it to all media who I've gotten email addresses for and I would appreciate if all of you would do the same as well as passing it along ...through your facebook.

*Diana Gordon  I eat gluten free 4 days a week, and I sure am glad today isn't one of them. I made fresh bread, and my whole house smells absolutely yummy!!!

*Tessa Rushton  ‎8 right this weekend so far... MUCH better :)
Ginger MacQueen  I wonder if hemophiliacs have MS or CCSVI? Excessive
generation of fibrin due to activation of the coagulation cascade leads
to thrombosis, more commonly known as a clot, while ineffective
generation or premature lysis of fibrin predisposes to hemorrhage.Dysfunction or disease of the liver can lead to a decrease in fib...rinogen p...roduction or the production of abnormal fibrinogen molecules with reduced activity (dysfibrinogenaemia). Hereditary abnormalities of fibrinogen (the gene is carried on chromosome 4) are of both quantitative and qualitative in nature and include; afibrinogenaemia, hypofibrinogenaemia, dysfibrinogenaemia, and hypodysfibrinogenaemia.Consequences of reduced, absent, or dysfunctional fibrin is likely to render patients as hemophiliacs.

*Patrick Farrell
Barb is coming home November 4th! She had a quick visit on Thursday and loves the paint-job in the master bedroom and dining room. Brownie points for Patrick!

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