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Barre de traduction google très utile sauf pour les vidéos.

Une vidéo sur l'industrie pharmaceutique américaine, aussi critique que la française mais pleine d'humour!

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Vidéo témoignage sur la SEP:
*Echos de murs:

Jenna Machala Our daughter suffers from multiple sclerosis.
We are deeply troubled by the attitude of provincial Health Minister Theresa Oswald, as reported in the Free Press (Province cautious on trials for multiple sclerosis therapy, July 29).
Oswald says that she's unclear about Saskatchewan's plan to fund clinical trials of the ...MS treatment therapy known as the "liberation procedure" (scanning the neck and head for blocked veins and, if found, performing surgery to open up the veins).
For a provincial health minister, this is unacceptable


CCSVI Calgary ‎("An amazing suggestion" thanks to) Deb Turcotte - Homework- Premiers say they need more proof Everyone that is liberated should fax each or em a picture of themselves with their name and phone number on it and the words Call me, I'm living Proof Had CCSVI had ,Angioplasty to fix my blood flow drainage health problem on it.. (Bernie)

* Yvonne Andersen  Okay, messages checked, as many emails answered as I can answer. Please if anyone is asking for information on my improvements or how the procedure was, please look at my page and read all of my posts. Everything is there. Moving into new house next week!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Steve Garvie  for the fools that think this procedure will cost tax dollars , like the one that wrote the article from Quebec.40000 dollars in drugs, care costs , equipment and loss of tax revenue times 75000. (every year)Minus 5000 for an angioplasty (one time) YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!Doesn;t take a genious.And tell your priemiers th...e same , we have the answer to thier health care money problems.

* CCSVI in New Zealand  I keep the subject of my inquiry constantly before me, and wait till the first dawning opens gradually, by little and little, into a full and clear light.

Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727)

 CCSVI in New Zealand  Just to remind everyone
Immune system cause of multiple sclerosis questioned Study shows evidence that myelin-producing cells die before there is any immune system activity

* Patricia McDowell Kimball  Diagnosing CCSVI and it's subsequent unblocking seems to be the only logical way forward. This needs to be done now. The connection of CCSVI and MS can be worked out in time. MS is a degenerative disease and does not wait for time. The screening and treatment should not be delayed any more.
Fix the known blockage.

* Tessa Rushton  Writing to the Canadian CEO of the company for whom I've worked for over 26 years...

* Patricia McDowell Kimball via CCSVI in MS Toronto : Success after success after success before we get ours IN Canada.

* Danielle Macrel Vermeersch  coucou tt le monde, 15 jours pour décompresser et en rentrant : date fixée pour la deuxième partie de la procédure ( ben oui, pour moi, on débouchera en 2 fois, y'a du boulot sur la vertébrale!!!) 21 22 et 23 a la clinique Monceau.Bisous tt le monde.....

* Ginger MacQueen  My friend Brett was just angio'd in Egypt!!! She feels good and is daring to dream of a future without MS!

Sonia Arsenault belle visite hier, mon ancienne coloc de l'Université à Montréal, avec son mari et 3 beaux enfants. De mon côté un chum, un chien et une chaise roulante... on change tellement lol!!!

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