Vidéos, podcast et échos de murs de ce mercredi.

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arre gogle de traduction indispensable!

Peu de vidéos d'opérés, ils  sont sont en vacances ou super actifs dans leurs loisirs, leurs facultés retrouvées. D'autres sont en route ou sur place pour être opérés, il faudra attendre un peu.


Une seule vidéo, celle de Kathleen elle avait subi la procédure en Egypte, pour assister à l'"OP" d'autres SEPiens, pour se mettre à l 7la pipe à eau lol! J'espère que vous avez créé un compte facebook, vrai ou bidon (il y en a qui ctéent des faux profils avec des noms d'animaux ou de personnages de BD!) car vous en aurez besoin pour y accéder:


Kevin introducing the CCSVI -The Way Forward conference taking place in Glasgow on the 29th and 30th October. You can book tickets:
Essential Health Clinic

Tickets £35

Une photo d'elle qui assiste aux interventions:


Vidéos publiées par Shirley Renshaw, interview radio d'une Libérée: plus de fatigue (qui lui a opris son elploi), plus de tête confuse, elle a retrouvé son équilibre physique (SEP secondairement progressive)

Son message ux médecins et politiques est que si on n"est pas à notre place, on ne comprend pas!!! Peu après la procédure, elle a remarché, et normalement!

IRM veineuse du modo de CCSVI at UBC MS


Echos de murs:

*Kathleen Lynch  I spent the last three days from morning until midnight in an operating room in Egypt observing angioplasties being performed by the world's best CCSVI team: Dr. Tariq Sinan, Dr. Hussein, Dr. Adel, Hazem, Saad, Amrali, and nurses Rita and Amira. Job well-done. Your skill, teamwork, expertise and results are inspirational.

*Tessa Rushton  off line for a few days... too stressed - must mellow the heck out!

Tessa Rushton  eating my troubles away... organic low sodium buffalo sausage MMM, mashed organic red potatoes, steamed organic broccoli... YUM! good comfort food :)

Tessa Rushton  off line for a few days... too stressed - must mellow the heck out!

Tessa Rushton  via Jayne Thomas : LDN is complementary to the angioplasty! If you haven't had angio yet - get on LDN! It is so beneficial to MS & to recovery from CCSVI in my opinion

Tessa Rushton  MML... just told a friend - my body is like a rockstar & my brain is also like a rockstar... body = sting (healthy) brain = keith richards - (not sure how he's still alive)

Tessa Rushton  It sure doesn't now that 90% of the symptoms went away due to having CCSVI liberation angioplasty! MS brain lesions still are there & make my life Hell... but, treating the symptoms of CCSVI which were formerly attributed to MS has improved my life SIGNIFICANTLY!

*Judy Capstick-Keagan  It is 17 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes and 0 seconds until Sunday, September 26, 2010
at 3:45:00 AM (Sofia time)...which is when we arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Judy Capstick-Keagan  MS sufferer sees benefit from 'liberation therapy'

CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Sharon Handrahan says she is enjoying greater independence since having the controversial 'liberation therapy' performed in Poland.

*Christopher Alkenbrack  My wife teaches classical singing at the Univeristy level, and now wants me to learn how to sing. I asked her, "Claire, what do you think of the name 'Placebo' Domingo for a stage name ?" It got a chuckle from the staff at the University. :)

*Karl Martignoni  C.C.S.V.I. "La retraite pour nos roulettes"

*Kathleen Lynch  Still trying to "metabolize" all that I observed and experienced in Egypt during the September shift of angioplasties to treat ccsvi in ms patients. Dr. T said there should be an online instruction manual for IR's.
Renee Chang  Thank you Kathleen. For all that you do.


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