IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos, photos et échos de murs de ce vendredi.

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Barrre de traduction google nécessaire!

Les pieds de Martine, opérée en Inde hier!


Résultat de doppler de Scot:

ccsvi-scots-doppler-results.jpgMusique pour la SEP aux States: 

Une autre chanson sur la SEP, par un SEPien dont j'ai déjà publié un témoignage sur sa maladie!

Je rediffuse Phil avant son OP angioplastie:


Jeanine témoigne deux mois après son angioplastie. Elle rayonne.
Le point sur la recherche CCSVI qui va bon train aux USA et au Canada!
Cindy avant son OP au Mexique:
Une semaine après l'angioplastie! Plus de fourmis dans le côté droit, plus de douleurs, a retrouvé son écriture manuelle, progrès cognitifs, bilan positif, elle recommande l'OP (elle a eu des stents)
Nouveau témoignage de notre amie Kerry, 4 mois après l'angioplastie:
La vidéo d'hier de Stuart Schlossman sur les origines de sa SEP dans l'enfance, il l'a mise sur youtube!
Un témoignage sur ce qu'est la SEP, parfois invisible:

*Echos de murs:

 *CCSVI - MS 33 B.R.A.T.S.  More good news, numbness in my left arm is NOT related to MS. It's my ulnar nerve. Need to rest it...
*CCSVI - MS 33 B.R.A.T.S.
My neuro. We had a good laugh over "so if it bothers you when you lean on it, don't lean on it!"... He ran all tests and everything came back as this is an injury to the ulnar nerve. It seems that having so many other issues resolved, th...anks to liberation, I am feeling all the old injury/issues more readily. Like the back pain from scoliosis!
*CCSVI - MS 33 B.R.A.T.S. Yes, after the appt I realized all the swimming activity, for exercise, probably aggravated the old injury. Boy we are so quick to believe all roads lead to the MonSter. Gonna really need to break that habit!

 *Vivianne White  Superbe journée avec deux petits mousses de 4 ans qui couraient et sautaient partout. Baignade, souper, chocolat chaud... Et j'ai encore de l'énergie!!!!

* Addie Hollingsworth  Just playin around with some numbers here-if approx. 50,0000 ms patients in Canada right now are on the injectables at say approx 25,000/year that's like 1 billion 250 million dollars/year-thats a staggering amount of moola-craziness-


* CCSVI at UBC MS Clinic - Information and Support  A woman was deciding whether to come to Victoria's public meeting and said: "I have primary progressive MS, so this probably won't help me." My question: why do we label ourselves PPMS, RRMS, SPMS, etc., when these labels were invented by neurologists without any knowledge of vascular connections to MS? Isn't it time w...e threw THAT book out and accept that CCSVI treatment may (or may not) work for anyone? ~Sandra

* Rockie Magee  I was just sitting here thinking about CCSVI conspiracy theories and I remembered what a wise man once told me......99% of the time when you think it's a conspiracy, it's just incompetence. So, how will history remember the neurologists on this one?? And which would they prefer?

* Troy Newman  Here is the basic out look of a neurologist, as told to me by mine.
"You're doing well, the disease not progressing and you can walk"... my reply "I want to be normal again".... his answer "perfect is a tall word". He is pleased if the disease maintains it's current state, where I want it eradicated from my body. Feel...ing like someone is beating on your hands and feet with a rubber mallet is not "normal"

* Tom Brewer  Our Neurologists climbed all over Zamboni and his hypothesis! More tests were needed, controls and all the rest must be implemented. This is being done yet our Neurologist friends dont like what they see or hear. Remember Zamboni stated its not a cure and more research is needed. Okay so our Neurologisty people decide ...to do a study too. Hmmm first of all they have had eons to do this and used bullying techniques, in my opinion if anyone dared challenge them. WHY? Now their test results are the opposite of Zamboni's... strange!

* Trev Larsen  Here is a reply from our local MP;
Nathan Cullen August 2 at 2:22pm
Hey Trev,
We've been looking over the new MS therapies and I can't recall if we've taken an 'official' position yet but we've asked the feds to take a full review and include more of them in the current rules. The provinces hold the final say so that's w...here the fight will happen and we can be more supportive than directive.
Thanks for the link and it's very interesting stuff.

* Tom Brewer  I dare suggest given our negative comments those doctors, some being Neurologists.. must be into the treatment, just for the money! Now thats a laugh when you consider all of the money MSer's have paid for drugs every month.... remember EVERY month... and basically for what? Oh.. the cure NO! How about the better feeli...ngs they provide? NOT!!! Hmm... along comes the Liberation Treatment and our educated Neurologist buddies[some] can only sugest PLACEBO... effect! I dare suggest they should change the training format to become a Neurologist... especially for the naysayers. Take out being an educated idiot cause its hampering your style!!!

* Ken Birzneck  i was diagnosed in 2005 with ppms , it quickly took my ability to walk , now im in a powerchair but i never let it stop me , i also never gave up on trying alternative therapys despite the naysayings of the neurologists , especially when they downplayed dr zambonis research and success , i am now scheduled to go to fra...nkfurt on august 19 to see dr vogel , you must never give up hope as you never now whats around the next corner , ive seen so many people improve after the procedure that is proof enough for me and i hope it comes here soon allthough i feel i cannot wait for that but it will help others , we are going to get traction and the treatment will become an accepted therapy here , the sooner the better...

* Leanna Whetton  I have a question related to pain and MS. My common law has secondary progressive MS. He has all the usually symptoms alot of msers have. However, a symptom that he has that is most debilitating is pain. I have heard that pain is not a symptom that everyone with MS has. He sometimes is in so much pain he will pass out ...and be completely delerious unable to answer questions or even keep his eyes open. So my question is do any of you know if severe nerve pain is related to CCSVI? Does the treatment help reduce the pain? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

*Mary Addison Bev Bentley's son Greg is now pain free after his angioplasty. Please message Bev directly for more details.

*Tina Marie Veach
Why in the hell are the NMSS fans so against CCSVI? Don't people see that this is going to help them? Instead they just say it's not proven. They are okay with waiting 2 years for results from an ultrasound (not even a venogram)! I am not okay with that and I can't believe that people won't think for themselves.
 Michelle Walsh  okay was my angels watching out for me today or what?? First I get great news about my baby girl then I get home to find a message on my telephone &email that CBC was trying to reach me for a call in discussion with Dr Mark "Pompass" Freidman! Now I really wanted to debate this SOB but maybe the Gods were looking down thinking no not yet....

* Alexandra Hanlon  I'm praying that dreams do come true! My mom leaves tomorrow for Costa Rica where she will receive treatment for CCSVI. We hope that her MS symptoms (balance, mobility, energy levels) improve as a result of the treatment. Here's hoping that we are living a piece of history!!!!!!

*Sandra Whitaker
excited to go see my friend tomorrow, hopefully Wally is right & he'll have you home over the weekend where you're most comfortable stay strong:-)

* Patricia McDowell Kimball  An experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis will be discussed at a meeting of Canada's premiers this week, P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz said. Ghiz said he was open to considering adding so-called liberation therapy to the list of insured provincial health services. Praying that all provinces get on board. Please ...help those in need of angioplasty. We wish to show the flag Canada!

*Michelle Walsh UPDATE on Nadine Baker "Have escaped from the hospital. So far good results: eyes have cleared, can cross eyes and look all around without pain, can pull right foot up - previously dropped or dragged, right and left hands now coordinated. Will know more when up and about." Who hoo another one Angioplastied and doing great!!

Michelle Walsh MSers all across Canada are going to make us proud today with the Rally/protests and standing up for those who are still suffering!! Wish I could be in Regina guys but very important appt with specialist for my baby girl today sorry....you know I will be there in Spirit and I have the media going down there to be there with you all:-)

Michelle Walsh Ok media here i come today to tell you all the German and Swedish studies dd not use Zamboin Protocols thanks to Ginger Macqueen for these facts!!! I wonder how much these docs got paid off to say this didn't work for them?

Jennifer Rae Vasey I don't understand why they have neurologists performing vascular testing. Interventional radiologists are supposed to be the experts in this field. Neurologists don't want to find a vascular link to MS because they stand to loose up to 75% of their practice ( in Cananda anyway).
Michelle Walsh  That's right Jennifer this si t he whole fight with this. ITs the MS society the Gov't is listening to a nd they say the neuros need to do the research when its not their forte it is the IR's and vascular surgeons.
Jennifer Rae Vasey I am still fuming about Dr. Paul Hebert's claim that the procedure involves "dialating these very delicate little veins in people's brains". It's not only inaccurate, but insulting to people with MS. Does he really think that we are asking for a procedure like that? We should write to him and Global National News. They should air an apology and retract the statement.
Michelle Walsh  Oh I know they just got him to ask and could you see how mad he was and how rude he is he obviously. A joke but the truth will prevail one day and all the naysayers will see this that we allready know:-)
Maricela Ethridge
Okay, so whatever my or your political stance is " Rebublican?" Democrate?" Pres. Obama's Father-In-Law had M.S. and since has passed

Pres. Obama needs to see a petition signed by all of us M.S.ers who have had, who are waiting to have CCSVI... testing / procedure performed.
I am going to work on something this weekend.

Michellle, and anyone else, your feedback Please!!

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