IVCC/CCSVI: vidéos, photos? et échos de mur de ce mardi.

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Après l'angioplastie:
Après 1 mois post OP, plus de pression et douleurs tête et nuque, meilleur sommeil, plus alerte, s'est remis au sport, objectif remarcher pour son anniversaire en septembre. Couleur des jambes redevenue normale, usage de la la main (perdu avant)
redite? Je vais être obligée de mettre le reste en liens que vous devrez copier coller et mettre dans un nouvel onglet, overblog bugue! Pas de lien grisé actif, ça ne fonctionne plus non plus grrrr!


*Les vidéos du symposium sont enfin sur youtube!

*Echos de murs:

 *Robin Schefke Laraia  Whew! Glad to be home and back to my normal schedule of sleeping, eating and activity. I have so many bruises from my trip - just from being moved around - glad that's over. So here's the stats: 50-60% stenosis in both jugulars and "mild" stenosis in my azygos vein - all three were ballooned - no stents.
see more......

* Deb Turcotte  Before the word CCSVI came to be.. People with MS could have angioplasty in Canada... Help them get their rights back! This is insane! Scientic fact is improper bloodflow and drainage in not healthy for anyone!!!
 Deb Turcotte  REMINDER Post procedure people drink LOTS of water for weeks to come and get your rest. If you feel or see symptoms returning, it can be that you are not drinking enough or resting enough or a combination of both. So please make sure to get in the habit of keeping your body hydrated and not over doing things. This is s...omething I hear time and time again from so many that they did not do this and when they did so their improvements returned.

*Post-Liberation Updates Everyone worries. I was confirmed to have CCSVI in my left jugular in December, but during the procedure, significant stenosis in both jugulars was found and ballooned, and severe stenosis and twisting was found in my azygos, in which I now have a 6cm stent. I wish you all at least one stenosed vein, and a very happy return home!! :)
(date, ndlr)
 Post-Liberation Updates  I know of 2 people who were liberated today... *Tracey Henry amd *Marsha Van Noort
Man, people are being freed from this prison, at an extremely rapid rate! Gotta love it!!:)
 Post-Liberation Updates  I failed to mention 3 others that were treated this week. Ruth Simonyi-Gindele (Steven's wife)(May 28), Kathleen Lynch (May 27), and Roger Cawiezell (May 27). They are all in our thoughts and prayers. :) This is sooooo exciting!!!
 Post-Liberation Updates  Jeanine Baker is being treated today, and Maxine David has her procedure on Friday!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
 Post-Liberation Updates  It was wonderful coming home after my liberation, to so many well wishes. I have updated my blog and I posted it under the Notes Tab. There may be some things I forgot to mention, so I will update it as I remember.

I posted Francine Deshaies' blog and I'm sure there will be a few more in the next short while, from S...arah Rainbolt and Kevin Berends, as well. I will nudge them in a week or so, to remind them. LOL
 Post-Liberation Updates  Florence D'Eon, Patrick Gerard McBride, Pamela Blevins, Marcy Kryvenchuk and Lisa McDougall's Husband, are being treated this week. I am probably missing a whole bunch, but this is what my Liberation Calendar says. I am SOOOOO HAPPY for them ALL!!!!
 Post-Liberation Updates  Congatulations to Katherine Siddall, Rudi Artemis, Jan Wexler, Rhetta H-B,
Jennifer Nystrom-Reimer, Dion Oxford, Sean Reimer, Toby ??? and Laura McHenry, who are/will be liberated this week. The people that were to be treated by a doctor that was recently shut down. I truly feel for you, and I pray you can find a quali...fied, doctor that will treat you as you deserve. Please don't let this discourage you.
 Post-Liberation Updates  Let's have a round of applause for those on my list I have for Liberations this week:

Dale Malnechuk, Carmela Campolargo,Annette Matisz, Lisa Douglas, Suzanne Lavergne, Guiseppe Zola, Kevane Bona Stronge and Nicole Rioux. Again, if I missed anybody (like I'm sure I have), then please let me know, so I can put you on ...my Liberation Calendar, and we can all celebrate with you. :)
 Post-Liberation Updates  More people to be angioplastied this week, to be freed from the prison they never did anything wrong to be put there. Tami Burr McGregor was freed yesterday (sorry for missing you), Yvonne Anderson, Nancy Doyle, John Davies, Paul Cloutier, Tami Burr Mcgregor, Sean McNeil, Bjørn Eirik Westby & Donna DeLorme. We all wi...sh you all the best for a safe return, and for the tremendous improvements you deserve!!
 Post-Liberation Updates  I can't change the name of this page, but can move all of the blogs & videos from the Notes tab to another page, "Post-Angioplasty Updates", once I've created it. Does anyone have an objection to this, or have another suggestion? We are removing "Liberation" from our vocabulary, completely, so this will no longer be ...new or experiemental.
 Post-Liberation Updates  Here's more of our family members I have on my calendar who are going for treatment this coming week: Betty Notar, Rob McDonald, Judy Filipkowski, Diana Price, &
Kelly Terry. If I didn't mention you, please introduce yourself, as I didn't mean to exclude you from this. Congratulations to all of you, and I wish you a... safe and very happy return!!
 Post-Liberation Updates  As you can assume, there is another group of people going to have angioplasty this week; Deb Jones, Nadine Leger, Richard Markle, Dawn Bolan Roberts, Jennifer Noriega, Karla Prive, Tim Dobney & Cheryl Smith. We're all very happy for you, and will be glad to see you all on the greener side of the fence. *Smile...*
 Post-Liberation Updates  Another very exciting week for people being released from this prison. Please join me in wishing Maria Meszaros Dekleer, Mark McKenzie, Ken Morson, Robin Schefke Laraia,
Linda Veerman, Lisa Whittingham & Danielle Choiniere very happy outcomes, and safe returns from their trips to wherever they are going!! *SMILE*
 Post-Liberation Updates  I
completely apologize for being so late with the names of those that are
on my calendar, that are being treated this week. Mark Anthony
Harrison, Natalia Fostaly, Tim Donovan, Amelie Boissinot, Stacey Lambert
and Bob Parisi. Mark's date today, was a complete surprise, as he got a phone call due to a cancellation, wh...ile he was there with another friend. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!
Updates: 2 months later and hard to beleive I had PPMS!
Hands still numb, but every single symptom is almost all gone, but for
some reason my hair is still gray! Go figure...
 Ginger MacQueen  ANd another:Mark McKenzie: love the fact I can open
and close an ice tea bottle again
***Pas moyen non plus d'insérer d'image, tout bugue!

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