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CTV News - Top Stories November 3, 2010 [HQ]

*Echos de murs:

*Icerlene Jones-Wiley  is now counting down my less than 30 day stretch to LIBERATION. CCSVI - GOD'S PROMISE to my long term suffering but still remaining a humble servant. I BELIEVE NOT ONLY WHEN THINGS ARE GOOD, but WHEN LIFE IS TESTED. BE BLESSED!

Ccsvi Transverse Myelitis  Automonic Dysreflexia affects people with demylinating diseases like Transverse Myelitis and Multiple sclerosis and those with spinal cord injuries. Thanks Tim for the info! I did not know about this condition, why my neuros did not mention it? It seems rather important to know how to identify and treat it. I bet my local ER dept will have no clue about it!
Dr Spine - Autonomic Dysreflexia

Jen Baumeister  Great News, just got back from my Opthamologist.And today is also my 3 month anniversary of the liberation procedure.20% improvement in both eyes and abnormal pupil dilation "flare" gone.He was awed...I don't which of us had a bigger grin ! ....He was so surprised ....All he could say is that this is HARD EVIDENCE ! S...ure hope he spreads the good news within the medical field.

Estelle Sleuth how much of your vision was impacted before?
Il y a 14 heures · J’aimeJe n’aime plus ·

Jen Baumeister
Left eye would have been - 20% less than now !...( didn't really know that ! today I could easily read the bottom line on chart ! Also mild Uhthoffs in left eye is gone.
My Right eye has optic neurtitis damage and still has some vision loss... but less l than before !
This is the eye that had the dilation flare that is now gone . Before today I didn't even know I "specifically" had that , other than knowing I had difficulty adjusting to bright light.
On occasion, I still experience a tiny bit of Uhoffs in the right but I have to be quite overheated and it doesn't last long .

Janice Naylor  Just received an e-mail from the MS Society reminding me to start my fundraising for the MS Walk - sent them a reply that I won't be walking for them this year, but for the CCSVI Alliance.

Ken Torbert  CCSVI Alliance We
are now an approved United Way charity. If you have a workplace United
Way campaign, please select CCSVI Alliance as your charity of choice.
and thank you for your support.

David Ius
If Canada doesn't hurry up and get treating people,or a study, there is not going to be anybody left to treat.I know seven people with M.S. three have been treated with great results three are on their to be treated one is waiting for the... money to come then she is going too.
WAKE UP CANADA .Angioplasty for all now.

Yvonne Andersen
Just talked to a reporter from the Truro Daily News. He is doing a story on the informational session that I am doing next Friday night. He's coming to my house this afternoon to take a picture of me throwing wood into the wood shed! LOL :-)

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