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*National Organization for Rare Disorders 25th Anniversary Video


Raw interview with Dr. Andrews on MS


Raw interview: Dr. Bowen discusses MS complications


MS patients seek treatment that promises 'liberation'

*Echos de murs:

*Diana Gordon
I just got a phone call about an interview for The
Paraplegic Association; Next Thursday, Nov. 4 at 10:00am. Yay!!!

*****Diana Gordon  Kuwait CCSVI=MS starting community to MS Liberation research and treatment: Please do not
take Vitamin D especially after Liberation. I can tell you about 72
disease from Extra Calcium. Vitamin D will make your situation very bad.
Pease Please Please stop taking Vit D. Sam Kabbani

*Denise Manley  A portion of the online donations that were collected through the paypal account now to be presented to Dr. Siskin and the Capital Region Medical Research Foundation MS Study! Please note the rest of the money is being collected directly by the Foundation on the firstgiving.com/ccsvi web site.

***CCSVI in MS Toronto
RIP MS Autoimmune Theory
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      Melodie Jeanne Walker I love it! :)
      Il y a environ une heure · J’aimeJe n’aime plus ·
      CCSVI in MS Toronto Hope everyone has a lovely and haunting weekend full of wonderfully dark surprises and Halloween treats - WaYnE
      Il y a environ une heure · J’aimeJe n’aime plus ·
      Shub Sabharwal Wow; "At-last"!

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