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ccsvi cure ms yes you canBarre google de traduction indispensable!

Misty Schuster,, SEP rémittente depuis l'âge de 21 ans, vidéo avant l'angioplastie: les images parlent d'elles-mêmes.


Une semaine après la procédure effectuée à New York! Elle y est allée avec une amie qu'elle ne nomme pas et dont elle espère qu'elle fera une vidéo, car sesprogrès sont spectaculaires. Les deux jugulaires bouchées, le ballooning azygos un peu douloureux mais supportable largement. Elle avait une très mauvaise vision (claire à présent), avait une mauvaise perception des couleurs). Elle fera une nouvelle vidéo sur son équilibre, car elle a besoin que quelqu'un la filme. Plus de maux de tête, plus de vertiges. Plus de fatigue, couleur redevenue normale des membres. PLus de soucis. Sa neurologue s'était moquée d'elle quand elle avait posé des questions sur la ccsci. Lors de la consultation neuro, celle-ci n'était plus ni pour ni contre, mais médusée du résultat excellent de son EDSS (1,5). Plus de douleurs. Elle aura un suivi en décembre, elle n'a pas eu besoin de stents, elle prend des anti-coagulateurs. Elle remercie ceux qui l'ont encouragée. Ceux qui ont collecté des fonds pour sa procédure aussi!

*Echos de murs:

*Ginger MacQueen  Dear Yves Savoie and members of the Canadian MSS:
GO F@#K A GOAT!!!!!

Steve Garvie  It is a reasonable action to an unreasonable problem
Steve Garvie  Hi Ginger,I am starting a charity for CCSVI ,its mandate is to help people that have CCSVI and cannot afford it get tested and help them achieve the freedom of angioplasty.Patrick said he would speak with you as well.Would you be interested in being a member of the board.

*Ginger MacQueen  Yves is just trying to placate us as he's afraid we will stop sending the MSS donations. "Hey Yves! GO F@#$ a goat!"
Ginger MacQueen  They cant ignore us forever!
MS Liberation Day II
Lieu :Parliament Hill
Date/heure :lundi 20 septembre 2010 13:00

*Treatment is too late for us/La Traitement est Trop tard pour nous:
In Memory of William Aspin
As many of you know Will passed away on Wednesday September 1, at the age of 34, after a long brave battle with MS... I changed this page so we could share memories of him.. although the hope for h...
Treatment is too late for us/La Traitement est Trop tard pour nous Will Aspin Curran died Wednesday September 8, 2010
Will Curran September, 2010 - on waiting list for New York. Leaves behind his wife and 5 year old child.

*Ginger MacQueen  Canada and the US are both my homes and I am proud to have such courageous friends. We need to band together and fight the people that are opposing CCSVI treatment.

Ginger MacQueen  Via Linda Joy (Linda Joy) A
Canadian on FB said MSers in the U.S. have no right to CRITICIZE
Canada's mishandling of CCSVI research.MY PCP IS CANADIAN. TODAY I ASKED

Ginger MacQueen  Via Stacy Lee Saman
Okay folks...promote me...selling custom foam pumpkins for my
angioplasty (yes, I have a nice house and curtains, but I didn't expect
to have to spend 10K US in a few months) email at
gothicgourds@hotmail.com signed and dated...have a tombstone with your
...name on it for Halloween! Muhahha
Ginger MacQueen  Apparently, according to Linda, I am "that Canadian" who said this. (NOT) I agree that Canada is bungling the whole CCSVI thing. That is why we all are still fighting! I have always advocated angio for ALL of North America and will continue to do so. Despite Canada ruining it for the US, at least you have some clinics in the US doing the angioplasty! PS I am American

Kelly Best-Germain Of course we have a right to criticize Canada's stance on CCSVI. From my understanding, they wont act until there is more research done but they are refusing to do any research...do I have that right Ginger?

Kelly Best-Germain Of course we have a right to criticize Canada's stance on CCSVI. From my understanding, they wont act until there is more research done but they are refusing to do any research...do I have that right Ginger?

Kelly Best-Germain Of course we have a right to criticize Canada's stance on CCSVI. From my understanding, they wont act until there is more research done but they are refusing to do any research...do I have that right Ginger?

Shirley Renshaw PEOPLE THE MSSs ARE RUINING THIS FOR ALL IN NORTH AMERICA. PROVE ME WRONG. It's just that there are compassionate doctors in the USA that have the means to help. GOD BLESS THEM. In Canada we have a spaghetti back system. The CMSS has an illegal hold on us and no charges are being laid.

Ginger MacQueen  WE need to band together!!! There are no borders when it comes to this issue. Save your fight for the guys that deserve it!!!!
Brenda Raven Yes, this is a world wide fight, doctors and other 'powers that be' are busy passing the buck to each other to divert us from the real issue. Don't let them win.

Kim Skiffington  we are getting ready to go out-of country for the angioplasty, because we cant get it done here.based on that statement alone, i would have to say canada is mishandling it! and we dont want to be part of a study where there is a 50% chance of having the REAL angioplasty. this is kevins LIFE we are dealing with. ALL PEOPLE deserve the best medical treatment possible, in their own country. until that is possible, canada is coming up short for its citizens!!!! keep up the good fight!!

Brenda Raven you're right, the study with the 'sham' procedure is just plain unethical. Just do procedures then follow us, that's what I've said for months. We need to keep the pressure up.

*Michelle Walsh  Mr Yves Savoie,
It makes me sick to my stomach the amount of money I have worked hard in conjunction with my family and friends every year for the MS walk but rest assured I tell EVERYONE I know not to give you a cent again until you actually get your "heads out of your butts" and stick up for MS patients. Have you eve...r asked our Federal health Minsiter why can every other Canadian have a procedure called Venous angioplasty but not us because we have MS?? The days are numbered for the MSS because you could have actualy cared about MS Patients and not your wallets and stood up for us in what is right!

Oh by the way the money that would have gone to you this year from the Beechy Babes in Swift Current, SK that $12000 went to help me pay for my angioplasty in Bulgaria and saved my life by restoring proper blood flow to my body.

*Michelle Walsh  via Ginger MacQueen : Dr. Kirsty Duncan is and has been figting for every single MS patient in Canada for months now for those of you who didn't know this. She is a HUGE fighter in our battle in Ottawa in Parliament Hill. Thanks Ginger for this great article on a strong, determnied lady who the other day told me she is NOT giving up on this fight until we win!
MS Society of Canada - Alberta Division ccsvi
As posted by Maria Meszaros Dekleer:

Will Curran
just died, leaving a wife and 5 year old child. He was on a list of
Canadians with MS scheduled to go to New York for a simple surgical
procedure that might have saved his life, and should have been available
right here in Canada. But Will ran out of time. THIS IS

Chrystal Gomes  Another MSer no longer able to post/comment/like on the Alberta Division's Main Facebook Page, and restricted to this CCSVI page.
Chrystal Gomes  Gord, did they tell you why you were being shafted? I didn't receive any notice.
Christopher Alkenbrack  Voici le lien audio vers l'entrevue que j'ai faite ce matin à CBC, Halifax.

Ken Torbert 
This note is on my mind:Comment by Darrell Watchorn .. It is reported that Yves Savoie's anual salary is $450 thousand. What I am extemely conserned about in relationship to the studies that the results are to be complied within the next two years are the grants that the USA and Canadain NMSS's jointly handed out. The 7 grants all went to neurologists, not one vascular expert was included.

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