IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos et échos de murs de ce mercredi.

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ccsvi-tour-eiffel.jpgBarre de traduction google très utile pour la fin!

Je commencerai par une vidéo d'un jeu nontendo DS (Trauma Center), dénichée hier par Annabelle lorsque je lui ai envoyé nos buddypokes (doubles en personnages dessinés, en train de jouer à des jeux vidéos, je disais qu'on allait jouer à opérer les veines. Eh bien ça existe!!! Merci Nab! :0010:


*Une vidéo de sensibilisation de la société SEP anglaise!
*Une vidéo italienne de Sardaigne!
*Une SEPienne collecte des fonds pour l'angioplastie depuis qu'elle va bien mieux après son OP: elle court!!! Reportage TV.
Un des premiers ministres canadiens parti en Floride pour se faire opérer du coeur, disant que son corps lui appartenait et qu'il avait le droit de choisir son traitement. Quand on a de l'argent, on ne se fait pas opérer au Canada, on part à l'étranger. A bon entendeur! Bande son.
Une rencontre de SEPiens ccsvistes US avec un médecin pour collecter des fonds pour la procédure!
Deux vidéos en anglais de sensibilisation SEP! Un animateur US TV connu, Monel Williams est atteint! Il explique ses symptômes à Oprah Winfrey. (dans une autre vidéo youtube il témoigne prendre de la marijuana pour se soigner et contre la douleur! Impossible d'oublier la maladie, ne seait-ce qu'un seul jour!
Fatigue SEP et problèmes de thyroïde
Un opéré, Gerry Peters, suite de la récupération!
Ses mains vont bien  2 jours après l'OP, ses orteils bougent,
la parole est de meilleure qualité, ainsi que l'équilibre!

Meeting 31st Juy 2010

**Echos de murs:

*Sarah Rainbolt  ‎"English: DIRECT-MS [Ashton Embry] "Just back from Katowice, Poland where Dr Simka and his team treated my son for CCSVI. He had a severe blockage in his left jugular and a partial blockage in his right one. Both veins were opened and normal flow established with angioplasty. Dr Simka has tested over 600 patients and f...ound that 97% had CCSVI which needed to be treated."
Deutsch: DIRECT-MS [Ashton Embry] „Bin gerade zurück aus Katowice, Polen wo Dr. Simka und sein Team meinen Sohn wegen CCSVI behandelten. Er hatte eine massive Blockade seiner linken Vena jugularis und eine unvollständige Blockade seiner rechten. Beide Venen wurden per Angioplasty geöffnet und so wieder ein normaler Fluss hergestellt. Dr. Simka hat über 600 Patienten getestet und wobei er bei 97% davon CCSVI gefunden hat, welche behandlungsbedürftig war.“

*Yvonne Andersen
It has been 6 weeks today since I was Liberated. So much has happened in that 6 weeks that I would have never been able to do had I not had the procedure. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible for me. I am continuing to do well despite a sprained ankle and non-stop running because of this move. Tonight is a relax pamper me night. :-)

Yvonne Andersen  Dear Nova Scotia Liberated Friends: I have an appointment with Dr. Bhan at the clinic on Monday. I am looking for everyone who has been Liberated and are patients of the clinic in Halifax. Could you please send me a private message? With your permission I will add you to my list that I will present to Dr. Bhan of patients who have been liberated.

Yvonne Andersen  Got a phone call from my neuro, Dr. Bhan's office yesterday to confirm my appointment on Monday. Hell yes, I'm going!!!!!!!! :-) I've heard through the grapevine that he is anxious to see me. He didn't give the person he was talking to any names but said that he has a patient who went to Albany for the procedure wh...o is coming to see him in a few weeks. Pretty sure that is me!

*Patricia McDowell Kimball  Yippee, this is another SUCCESS story from here in New Brunswick. Wow, wow, wow!!! AMAZING STUFF!
Alison Bomber  Power to you all for having the initiative to do something about this treatment which has so blatantly improved so many peoples lives!!! Lets hope that one day soon it will be available to everyone with MS! At least then all those who wish to go ahead with the simple procedure will have the CHOICE to do so OR not ......Keep up the great work!!!!

*Paul Dye  And the drug pushing continues
Jul 28, 2010
EMD Serono has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has
accepted and given Priority Review to its application seeking approval
to market cladribine as an oral disease-modifying therapy for relapsing
...forms of MS.

Paul Dye  A Priority Review means that the FDA will review the drug in less than the usual amount of time.
Not so with CCSVI. What are we going to do about this friends?
All suggestions are quite welcome.

Paul Dye
Among patients who received cladribine tablets (either 3.5 mg or 5.25 mg per kilogram), there was a significantly lower annualized rate of relapse than in the placebo group (0.14 and 0.15, respectively, vs. 0.33; P<0.001 for both comparison...s), a higher relapse-free rate (79.7% and 78.9%, respectively, vs. 60.9%; P<0.001 for both comparisons)
So basically only a 19.7%-18.9% difference between taking the drug or taking placebo.

Cheryl Coats  YAY more drugs that won't help and cost a fortune...geez

Paul Dye
Adverse events that were more frequent in the cladribine groups included lymphocytopenia (21.6% in the 3.5-mg group and 31.5% in the 5.25-mg group, vs. 1.8%) and herpes zoster (8 patients and 12 patients, respectively, vs. no patients).
Lymp...hocytopenia is a low-white blood cell disease.
herpes zoster is adult chicken pox that hurts like crazy.
Take your drugs people so you can't fight infection and can get adult chicken pox. Yeeehaaa.

*Deb Turcotte
Man, They push this stuff out with out giving a second thought to using people as lab rats, short and long term side effects and so on..
Why is is that things awful side effects and risks of other health... problems from taking these meds.. ie, like brain infections and death are over looked on these types of meds ... Where is the logic in all of this.. Is the FDA not suppose to be looking out for the people??!!!

Paul Dye  Not when they are bought and paid for by Big Pharma. Deb.
Cheryl Coats  This drug has more side effects than the drug I am on...Tysabri...lol

Paul Dye  You probably won't be on that one much longer Cheryl. You'll see my friend. You'll be walking Wally World(wal mart) and driving Drew nuts. lol lol

Deb Turcotte Paul both our countries need to do some serious "house cleaning on this issue" We needs some laws changed, this is wwaayyy outt a control.. And we the public or these great countries need to keep demanding that this is not to be acceptable, no more funding or "gifts" from drug companies, in politics, medical profession, etc etc etc... nor should it work the other way that things like the government or Societies etc should be giving cash to the drug companies..
Vickie Butler  Maybe we need to start with the elections, both provincial and federal. If our politicians won't listen (no excuses accepted) they need to be ousted. Then we need to work on the medical association and target the ones with NO HEART. This is so frustrating but we must be consistant and firm.

Paul Dye  Nothing about CCSVI
MS Trial Alert: Investigators Studying ELND002, Subcutaneous Drug in 125 People with Relapsing MS
Paul Dye  Well the legalized drug pushers are at it again. This just in.

Serono announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has
accepted and given priority review to its application for cladribine, an
... oral disease-modifying therapy for relapsing forms of MS. The FDA’s
final decision is expected in December 2010.

Paul Dye  Oh happy days ahead. We get a new drug to kill us even quicker than poor blood flow. I'm so tickled.

Paul Dye  This communication is partially sponsored through the generous support of Bayer HealthCare. Wow, who'd of ever thunk a drug company would sponsor the ms society. Simply blows my mind.
Melodie Jeanne Walker now it's easier to poison our bodies, we don't have to inject them!!!

Judi Palumbo  ‎*sigh* It's hard to even know what to say to news like this. We all know the FDA will approve, even with the terrible side effects. And they'll get people on this stuff from the first day they walk into the neurologist's office.

Bill Sullivan
Here are some links for those of you who may need a little convincing about Big Pharma. It is real, I used to be part of them during the war that was trying to keep generics off the market 1973-1983... [they lost that one....THEY WILL LOOSE... THIS ONE TOO] There are two new ones along with ones that were placed before by my friends Mammananny, GothicRose [I pm'd her she is doing fine.....well about as fine as you can be having this plague... or is that plaque]



Thank you for the research, I look forward to more. I would also suggest you look at the following: The first one is by the former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine [the most influential of all]



Melodie Jeanne Walker Thank you for these articles Bill, the more I read the more sickened I get! Cash cows we are!
Jennifer Crossfield I don't even know how to resond to this...horrifing!
Bill Sullivan  Back in 86 the push was on for anti cancer drugs for ms patients and knowing what they do to your body, I decided to pass while many of my friends swallowed that stuff that nearly kills you and put their bodies thru hell and the only relief they got was when the side effects stopped.
Deb Turcotte
It is not funny.. and it is not only for MS this happens... First off we have to quit thinking that if a doctor can write a prescription for it, it must be safe and good for us.. and second we have to quit looking for a "quick fix" for our ...ailments.. We are letting ourselves be swayed by those facts into taking things we should never be putting into our bodies.
And we have to get it out of our heads that the FDA is looking out after our best interests ... *sigh*

*Diana Gordon  I made a horrible mistake yesterday, because I thought it was Dr. Phil that said those horrible things about MS and CCSVI, but it was our old *friend* Colin Rose. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience. :(

Diana Gordon  I am beginning to think in the way I used to; I couldn't remember the name
of, or where I put the pro-biotic Acidophilus that I purchased more that a year
ago and couldn't find in the fridge, then, a picture appeared in my
head, where I saw it, and I remembered both things. It's amazing!!! I

Diana Gordon  PEI's Premiere's office just phoned me back in response to my phone call about the rumour that PEI was now on board. Unfortunately, it was only a rumour. :(
Diana Gordon  First,
it was Saskatchewan's Brad Wall, now it's Manitoba's Theresa Oswald... who do you think will be
next? God, I hope it'll be Ontario... I can DREAM, can't I??? ;)

Michele: Thanks to those who have already changed their profile picture... badger
your mates to do the same we want all the ms-ccsvi pages to turn green
for the 21st. For instructions on how to do this... click on the green logo and then click on this album, the instructions are under the picture.

*Michelle Walsh
HEy my local friends there is a trust account just been set up for Debbie Bond from Lucky lake at CIBC to help her with her costs she goes to Bulgaria in December. So please pass the word on to others if you can in our area Cheryl Hargrave(in trust for Debbie Bond)or Connie Peters(in trust for Debbie Bond)

*Kathleen Lynch  Dr. Tariq Sinan of the Kuwait study just informed me that he had two cancellations due to Ramadan and has room in his September schedule. Short notice, but if you want one of those spots, PM me on my FB page. You would need to be in Alexandria, Egypt on or before September 1st. I will be there September 1st - 6th.

John Burnham  Does anyone know of any data how many have been liberated and what persentage have seen some improvements. There must be some research going on, i guess i don't want that hope to fade...

John Burnham  What is going on with the ccsvi treatment in scotland.? I phoned them last week and they have not even started scanning yet and as for the procedure, maybe next year as a hospital has let them down. ( too much red tape i guess )
*DIRECT-MS  Just back from Katowice, Poland where Dr Simka and his team treated my son for CCSVI. He had a severe blockage in his left jugular and a partial blockage in his right one. Both veins were opened and normal flow established with angioplasty. Dr Simka has tested over 600 patients and found that 97% had CCSVI which needed to be treated.

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