IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos et échos de murs de ce mardi.

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ccsvi-cure-ms-not-afraid.jpgVidéo de sensibilisation à la SEP:


Kathleen Lynch, opérée en Egypte et dont j'ai partagé avec vous les vidéos, nous parle de l'impact psychologique de la procédure. Peur de la resténose. Apprendre à se concentrer pour ne pas resténoser à force de peur. Appréciation quotidienne de toutes les merveilles qu'on peut faire et qu'on ne pouvait plus. Avant l'OP, elle était d'abord sceptique, 10h par jour sur internet pour s'informer, puis pleine d'espoir. Ensuite de la détermination. De l'excitation. Elle est partie seule en Egypte malgré une certaine appréhension. Après la procédure, larmes de bonheur, dépression disparue. Réalisation de ce que la maladie lui avait fait. Liens très forts avec d'autres opérés, une nouvelle famille.
Deux nouvelles vidéos:
Examen neurologique avant procédure: réflexe Babinski, signe de pathologie, après l'OP en Pologne, plus de babinski sur aucun des deux pieds. Important, car on ne peut simuler cela! Pas très bien filmé "avant", dommage!
Liz court après son OP pour faire la promotion de la ccsvi, j'ai publié les photos hier en lien, voici la vidéo:
*Echos de murs:

*Yvonne Andersen
Got a VERY nice return email from Karen Casey and will be meeting with her on a Monday or Friday within the next two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she remembers me standing up with Stephen McNeil at the rally! :-)

Yvonne Andersen  So what do you think will bring the Health Minister out of hiding and actually talk some sense about CCSVI and Angioplasty?

*Vivianne White  Rencontre avec un hématologue aujourd'hui... sang parfait, traitement parfait!!

Et selon ce médecin, Dr Zamboni est une sommité qu'on devrait respecter!!!

Faudrait lui faire rencontrer quelques uns de nos neurologues!

*Judy Capstick-Keagan  Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to Cecil's benefit dance last night, it was an awesome night. Thankyou so much to Cathy & Dwayne MacDonald for sitting at the door all night selling tickets & Rose & Holly Collins for helping out during the dance. I can't even express into words how grateful I am to everyone f...or all their contributions to help make Cecil's night a success & a night to remember.
Love you all!
*John Ronny Moe  Is also whising Trond Eilertsen  a good CCSVI treatment today.. Norway is going bananas this weeks in Bulgaria :O)

John Ronny Moe  is excited for Bjarne Lindkvist who is in Sofia, Bulgaria now and being checked for CCSVI, and he is getting his examinations / procedures starting tomorrow. He reports that he is fairly excited, and for once he wishes something to actually be wrong with him... :O) Good Luck from all of us Bjarne! (And I hope the videos will be good too)

*Patricia McDowell Kimball
New Brunswick's Department of Health now says it will support national trials for the controversial new treatment for the disease.One woman sought, treatment in Poland for $15,000. Prior to treatment, couldn't walk without a cane, she would tire quickly and playing basketball with her young child required sitting down on the driveway and shooting hoops from her lap.

*Michelle Walsh
If you live in Saskatchewan, Canada or close to Biggar from Alberta come to our INFO session on September 12th starts 11am Biggar Town Hall this is not happening anytime soon in Canada we are all sharing our experiences on this from all the places we went to. www.angioplastyforall.com
Michelle Walsh  Just got my new green angioplastied/liberated bracelet in the mail from my friend Lauri they are so pretty. Orders yours at www.msthings.ca to get yours there is one for women and different manly one for men:-) All proceeds go to help Lauri pay for her upcoming angioplasty abroad.

Michelle Walsh  via Philip Lillies : AS PER Tim Donovan

Hi Everyone. A lot of things are happening. The new website is going through some growing pains. Please bear with us as we try to sort things out. We want the new website to be operating properly so that when we go public with our Legal Challenge, we will have access to everyone......203 people have g...one tothe new ...site at www.angioplastyforall.com and entered their names again, that leaves about 350 who havent done so yet. I ask you to do this so I dont have to enter everything by hand again. I feel better but I have grandchildren to look after.. LOL

From me..please go to the new site and rejoin so things can keep roling....
Please rejoin the new website so Tim doesn't ahve to reenter everyone's info by hand:-)
Thanks everyone,
Michelle Walsh
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