IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos et échos de murs de ce lundi.

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*Echos de murs:
*****Post-Liberation Updates  RAH RAH RAH, SIS BOOM BAH!!! Another exciting week is upon us. Marilyn Bartwick, Deirdre Tiffin, Norma Newell Coish, Louise Field, Theresa Moreau Piercey & Linda Boucher will be having their magical adventure!! I can feel your excitement!!

*Ccsvi Transverse Myelitis  A debate was held on the role of CCSVI as a cause for MS at the World Congress on Controversies in Neurology in Barcelona. After a lively debate the audience voted: Almost 50% supported Zamboni's theory that CCSVI causes MS.

*Jenna Machala  A Vancouver-based medical tourism company is cashing in on the reluctance by many provincial governments to fund a controversial therapy to treat multiple sclerosis.

*Lindsey Luckey  Does anybody know of any nerologists in/near vancouver that are pro ccsvi? I know a lady in saskatchewan who went to poland for liberation treatment and her neuro supports her and even helped her organize it! So i know they're out there! Its time to turn mine in lol

*CCSVI at UBC MS Clinic - Information and Support  I've never belonged to a fraternity before! The people I've met in this Facebook community are so important to me now; we share a common goal and a common journey. Would you be where you are today with your understanding and progress with CCSVI if these Facebook groups didn't exist? ~Sandra

*Alessandro Rasman  ‎"At the 4th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy) in Barcelona, Spain, they held a debate entitled "Does CCSVI play a role in the pathogenesis (causative mechanisms) of multiple sclerosis?" For the YES Dr. Paolo Zamboni (Italy) spoke and the NO Dr. Stuve (USA), moderated by Dr. Miller of Tel Aviv (Israel).... After a lively debate, the audience vote and the full extraction of the neurological outcome was unexpected. Almost 50% of them voted in favor of YES." Augusto Zeppi, Hilarescere Foundation (Italy)

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