IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos et échos de murs de ce lundi!

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ccsvi-politics-ad-dollars.jpgBarre google de traduction indispensable!

Quasiment rien hier, ça arrive! Dites-moi si vous désirez voit la suite des interviews médicaux de Zamboni, j'en avais publié 6 sur la totalité. Je vous remets la vidéo d'entraînement gym kkiné de Denise Manley, elle a recirculé hier!


Conseils autour de l'info CCSVI auorès des médecins qui dénient
*Un futur opéré (8 OTOBRE°
 *Fichier audio vidéo! Je n'ai pas eu le temps de le regarder en entier, mais les opérés étaient furieux: interlocuteur médecin idiot, d'après eux, non informé!

*Echos de murs:

*Sandra Whitaker
waiting for Lauri to arrive signs made, waiting for glue to dry, I'm ready to send a message to Parliament on the hill tomorrow so bring your glasses and hearing aids politicians times are changing & you need to get onboard quickly!!

Michelle Walsh  My 2 month post angio video on my wall here. Also an update from Tim Donovan AFA he's been super busy this week trying to get the right Politician in their province of New Brusnwick & Ottawa - upcoming elections out there so he will put up the taped webinar conference we had with our lawyer sometime this week he said w...ww.angioplastyforall.com for to hear if you missed it live before:-)

*Yvonne Andersen  It's a gorgeous day out and so many things to do! I have so many irons in the fire and I want to keep on what I'm doing but there is plenty of time for that when the weather is crappy and I have to stay inside. I haven't made alot of comments on here lately, but just know that it's because I'm still fighting for all ...of you with some behind the scenes stuff. :-)

*CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis
Sief Hart  Has anyone seen the "genius" neurologist- Dr. Jock Murray and the pathetic journalist asking the stupid simplified questions?. What an arrogant uninformed narcissist!. There are too many errors in his propaganda to account for. It is interesting that they keep stating it is anecdotal evidence, which is not true. The...y also state that it is for only one group of MS patients-RR, which is not true. That the treatment fails 50% of the time-not true, angioplasties collapse 47% of the time and need to be re-angioplastied. He states it is okay for the MS drugs to be approved in 3-5 years, but hasn't CCSVI been around now been studied for over 3 years by Dr. Zamboni. Where did they get this clown from? During the whole interview he never mentioned once about why we push so hard. It is probably b/c we are sick and tired of suffering and do not have 15 years to give to randomized controlled trials. I understand that randomized
controlled trials need to be done but at the rate Canada + MSS is moving, we will all be dead of natural causes by the time this happens. I do wonder if Dr. Jock Murray got very ill, if he would be sitting on that stool preaching to us ? I cannot believe that I took the same hippocratic oath as this man to become a physician.

*Post-Liberation Updates  I have the pleasure of announcing those on my calendar who are going for treatment this week. I'm sure they are thrilled that the date they have been waiting for, is finally here. Robin Grist, Tara Lynn Falle, Jen Courtney, Tommy Halligan, Heidi Kaufman Rosinski, Patrick Gerald McBride (Round 2), Nancy Dunteman Raifsn...ider and Tony Matta (Joanne Matta's son). I know your level of excitement is OVER THE MOON!

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