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MS Society members 'break ranks' and try treatment


CTV News Video

CTV National News: Avis Favaro on the treatment
Members of the MS Society of Canada who have the disease themselves are travelling abroad to receive the controversial 'liberation treatment.' This goes against the organization's position to wait for more research to be done.
Canada AM: Julie Goodwin, MS society
An MS Society chapter chair and MS patient discusses who would be applying pressure to the MS society and the government to not allow the 'liberation treatment' in Canada. She also explains her decision to travel to Poland to receive the treatment.

Denis Lévesque

*Echos de murs:

*Maria Meszaros Dekleer
Having a little trouble with high blood pressure, any ideas on what supplements I can take to help bring it down?

Robin Schefke Laraia see this - hope it helps...
Maria Meszaros Dekleer thanks Robin :) just happen to have all those supplements so gonna eat lunch and take them :) still on plavix so hope that is helping but its still.

*Michelle Walsh  update from my friends in Rhode Island.."went to Rhode Island on October 4th to the 9th to have her Liberation treatment. The first thing my wife could do was open her left hand without help. She could also turn her head both ways. She has had MS for 38 years" Now this is what this is about Canadian Government our QUALITY OF LIFE


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