IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos et échos de ce mur de ce mardi..

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ccsvi faces of Liberation

Moving CCSVI Liberation Protocol Testimonial



Energy Efficient light bulbs are killing us!

*Echos de murs:

*Post-Liberation Updates
Happy days are ahead for Heather Trainor, Frank Brindisi, Lisa
Saladino Cooper, Anne Laven, Kristeen Fitzgerald and Stacy Lee Saman.
Dianne Hepburn is beginning her travels for her treatment. We all wish you many
improvements and a great quality of life. :)

*Euromedic Poland

*Ginger MacQueen  A neurologist, Prof. Ryglew, and the director of the medical association
of Poland have contacted the ministry of health in an attempt to shut
down CCSVI treatment in Poland. Please write e-mails to
ryglew@ipin.edu.pl and prezes@hipokrates.org and ask them to stop their
attempts and state why the CCSVI treatment is nee...ded.

Or, if
you're already treated, tell them your experience. Please send me a
blind copy of your mail to wiercin@gmail.com, so I can collect them and
use them to confront both with them.

Thank you for your help!

*Euromedic Poland I would likt to inform that we are still accepting patients from the waiting list and performing the procedures! There's no need to worry about that.

*Ccsvi Transverse Myelitis  After being housebound for several months I lost quite a lot of muscle mass in my legs. Now that I can walk normally I started using these shoes. I've been two months with them I can see the difference now in my legs and derriere. Posture improves automatically. In my opinion however these shoes are not for everyone. T...hey are heavy as bricks and if you have issues with balance don't think they will be the right ones. Some places sell these shoes at ridiculous prices so I had to shop around until found them at a decent price.See more

*****CCSVI at UBC MS Clinic - Information and Support
A tragedy in our family. A young man died from complications arising from CCSVI treatment last week. He was apparently denied care in an Ontario hospital. His family now struggles to return his body to them in Europe. Wayne and I are trying to do something to get his st...ory told, people held accountable, and his family the support they need to bring him home. ~Sandra

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