IVCC/CCSVI, vidéos de ce vendredi et échos de murs.

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La barre google de traduction est nécessaire!

Une photo de Denise Manley au symposium (elle est à gauche)


Je commencerai par une vidéo de deux opérées qui font le point sur l'intervention. OP facile, quasi sans douleur, effets spectaculaires: plus de pression dans la tête, améliorations cognitives, plus de fatigue, meilleur équilibre etc...


Témoignages tv d'opérés en Inde et en Pologne! Et à la Tv française??? RIEN!!!!
Une émission TV et la prise de position officielle d'un "premier" canadien, politique local, en faveur de la recherche CCSVI! Un grand pas pour nous!
*Felicia Yapp reports on the Saskatchewan Premier's recent announcements about liberation MS treatment and how it could affect maritimers.

*Suite des vidéos dy symposium CCSVI de Brooklyn de lundi ( suite demain, il en reste 7!)

*Echos de murs:

 *Sandra Whitaker  is taking a break to write once again to get CCSVI on the premier meeting agenda next week in Winnipeg, write if you can they need to know that we won't lay down while they say NO:(

*Maria Meszaros Dekleer
OMG I am crying right now!!! I wiggled my paralized toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been able to do that in at least 10 years!! I am sorry if this sounds like bragging but I can't help it!! dr Freedman wait until I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not going to like me much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*  NEW
FRIENDS PLEASE READ: I have gotten many requests on facebook from new
friends who are looking for information about CCSVI and the Liberation
treatment. I think that I have answered all or most of the questions.
Please read through all my posts on my page over the next few weeks while I am busy looking for a house and moving into it. Everything is there except for doctors names and phone numbers. Request friendship to other MS'ers who are replyin......g to my posts and take the time to also go through their pages. You will find most of your answers there. I will be completely out of my old house tomorrow, FINALLY! I will be locking up my computer and not touching it for the next few weeks so I will not be responding to messages or emails. I am not forgetting anyone, just taking the time I need to get settled in our new location. My boyfriend is working full time so he does not have time to help with the things that need to be done so I need to dedicate my time to getting those things done and getting moved.
I will speak with all of you if you still have questions in 2-3 weeks.

*Deb Turcotte
Spread the word!! "Canada’s 13 Premiers meet in Winnipeg August 4-6 for the annual summer meeting of the Council of the Federation. Meeting will take place at Winnipeg’s historic Fort Garry Hotel. Anyone have times/schedule for this event?Make Noise!
Get writing emails folks let your Premier or 13 of em know how you feel!!

CCSVI in MS Toronto Things are rolling in the right direction. Major news coverage today from coast to coast to coast. Global National 5 minute piece as their top story. Friends Francine on Radio Canada at 6 P.M. (French) Ginger's trip to Poland being replayed on the National at 9 P.M. All the coverage is great for anyone that is missing ......out. Return to Parliament this September should be very intereting.

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