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Another Amazing Interventional Radiologist on board and has just received his approval in Seattle, Washington

 *Society of Interventional Radiology Supports Research for New
M.S. Treatments


Recent questions by Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 10:25am


par CCSVI in MS Toronto, samedi 17 juillet 2010, à 01:47

How many CCSVI angioplasty treatments do they need to count?

How many “Before and After” YouTube’s do they need to watch?

How many research papers do they need to read?

How many failed drug studies do they need to hide?

How many supportive Vascular Surgeons do they need to hear?

How many Neurologists do they need to ignore?

How many newspapers do they need to read?

How many TV programs do they need to view?

How many Facebook posts do they need to deny?

How many flights overseas do they need to count?

How many empty bank accounts do they need to add up?

How many pills do they need to sell?

How many Parliamentary Meetings do they need to have?

How many signatures do they need to gather?

How many excuses do they need to hear?

How many roadblocks do they need to build?

How many studies do they need to repeat?

How many doppler tests do they need to see?

How many protests do they need to witness?

How many doors do they need to open?

How many letters do they need to read?

How many cries for help do they need to hear?

How many approvals do they need for angioplasty?

How many days do they need to waste?

How many disabilities do they need to count?

How many wheelchairs do they need to supply?

How many jobs do we have to leave?

How many families do they need to destroy?

How many nursing homes do they need to build?

How many billions do they need to waste?

How many hopes do they need to deny?

How many friends do we have to bury?

….before someone does the right thing and opens the door right now, for this simple, inexpensive, CCSVI angioplasty treatment...



Opinion: MS treatment gave her dad precious gift


Scientific Program of ICCA 2010 Frankfurt


Why I believe in MS and the Vascular Theory?---Sue Bisaillon




Denied help: MS sufferer blasts health bosses

Suzanne Harvey believes new research holds the key to a condition strongly linked to MS, but funding chiefs say they need more evidence, forcing her to raise thousands of pounds for private treatment.

Suzanne said: “It’s insane, they’ll put me on expensive drugs that cost £3,000 to £6,000 a month but they won’t look at this.

“Because of MS I’ve lost the ability to be the person I was. I’m a person who likes to live life and within six months I could be in a scooter.”

The mother-of-one, from Theale, was diagnosed in July last year and offered drug treatment to slow the progress of the disease, but after talking to other MS sufferers online about potential side effects, she refused. A concerned friend then alerted her to research from Italy into a condition called chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI).

Nail technician Suzanne, 39, said: “It means the veins that drain blood away from the brain and spinal chord have been compromised, and when that happens you get reflux because it’s carrying iron deposits.

“It’s dirty blood essentially and that’s what causes nerve damage. Research shows 90% of people with MS had blocked veins in their neck and chest.”

Suzanne paid for an ultrasound scan at a Glasgow clinic which showed she had a problem with a vein in the right-hand side of her neck, but bosses at NHS Berkshire West are refusing to fund the £6,000 “ballooning” procedure which could be used to try to open up the vein.

Spokesman Richard McCrann said: “There is wide acknowledgement that there has been insufficient research in this field to establish clearly that there is a major link between CCSVI and MS.

“While many people welcome any potential breakthrough in treatments for MS, NHS Berkshire West remains cautious about this treatment until its clinical effectiveness has been positively established. The PCT cannot provide routine funding for this procedure at this stage.”"


CCSVI Liberation treatment trial by Dr. Rafael Moguel in Los Cabos deemed successful in all MS patients.


Sandra and Tracy Lamb are grateful to the kind man who gave them his extra ramp.
Photo: Photo from nbcconnecticut.com

Sandra Lamb and her daughter Tracy of North Haven both suffer from multiple sclerosis.  They are each wheelchair bound and use a ramp to get in and out of their house.  At least they did until this week when they discovered their ramp missing, effectively trapping them in their house.

According to NBC News, the Lambs reported their ramp stolen early this week.  Police suspect that whoever took the aluminum ramp sold it for scrap metal.  When Mark Votto, who also has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, heard the story he contacted the station and offered to give the Lambs his extra ramp.

The Lambs were extremely grateful to Mr. Votto for turning a terrible situation around.  Sandra Lamb told NBC News, "After all that went on, you really need something like that."  Tracy added, "I'd like to find out who he is and just give him a big hug."

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects the central nervous system, meaning the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.  Symptoms vary in type and intensity.  Patients may experience numbness in the limbs, balance problems, paralysis, difficulty swallowing, and even blindness.  Although there is currently no cure for MS, research is ongoing and new treatments are being developed.

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Message from the President

Top Researchers Gather to Discuss MS Research

*Liberation treatment debate still on, info session Sept. 12


Great News AZHI takes insurance and is treating



Defending MS treatment


"Blood Flow and white matter lesions

par CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis, samedi 28 août 2010, à 08:25

Thanks to Jim for posting the research of Dr. Bernard Juurlink -a Saskatchewan researcher who proposed the theory of MS being created by  slowed bloodflow in 1998---


Here's the story on Canada.com



Here's is Dr. Juurlink's proposal from 12 years ago--



Just wanted to write a post about this for my research geek friends on my favorite topic:

Hypoperfusion in the MS brain


Hypo-meaning under ot sub-par and perfusion- meaning the delivery of blood to the capillary bed.

 In MS brains, there is a below normal delivery of blood into brain tissue.  Neurologists have never given a good explanation. Here's a great paper that looks at this phenomena and tries to figure out why this is happening.


(terms to know -NAWM  is normal appearing white matter, or healthy myelin.  

Myelin is the protective white matter in your brain.  Gray matter is the tissue below the myelin.

Ischemia means a lack of oxygen or hypoxia.)




"Accumulating evidence indicates that there is a decreased perfusion throughout the NAWM (normal appearing white matter) in patients with MS. It occurs in both relapsing–remitting and primary progressive MS, strongly suggesting that it represents an integral part of the disease process. Ischemic changes might be involved in the development of a subtype of focal demyelinating lesions (type III lesions). There appears to be a relationship between reduced white matter perfusion and cognitive dysfunction in patients with MS.


Ge et al (2005) interpreted the hypoperfusion in NAWM as a vasculopathy in the context of the perivascular inflammations that occur in focal MS lesions. However, although inflammatory infiltrates in MS are typically located around small- or medium-sized veins (Adams, 1989) and in the perivascular spaces surrounding arterioles (Gay, 2006; Gay et al, 1997), microvessel thrombosis is only exceptionally being observed within these lesions (Aboul-Enein and Lassmann, 2005; Wakefield et al, 1994)."


So, this paper comes pretty close to saying that this slowed perfusion and white matter lesions could be created by slowed blood flow and a lack of oxygen in the brain.  This is exactly what Dr. Juurlink was proposing.


Here's a study that shows that white matter lesions in rats were formed when cerebral hypoperfusion was created in their brains.



"Cerebrovascular white matter lesions represent an age-related neurodegenerative condition that appears as a hyperintense signal on magnetic resonance images. These lesions are frequently observed in aging, hypertension and cerebrovascular disease, and are responsible for cognitive decline and gait disorders in the elderly population. In humans, cerebrovascular white matter lesions are accompanied by apoptosis of oligodendroglia, and have been thought to be caused by chronic cerebral ischemia. In the present study, we tested whether chronic cerebral hypoperfusion induces white matter lesions and apoptosis of oligodendroglia in the rat. Doppler flow meter analysis revealed an immediate reduction of cerebral blood flow ranging from 30% to 40% of that before operation; this remained at 52–64% between 7 and 30 days after operation. Transferrin-immunoreactive oligodendroglia decreased in number and the myelin became degenerated in the medial corpus callosum at 7 days and thereafter."


There is NO NEED for any auto- immune system activation to create white matter lesions or myelin destruction.  NONE.  Dr. Juurlink knew this.  Many doctors who study stroke know this.   All that is needed is slowed blood flow.  Did you know that most elderly people have white matter lesions in their brains?  We don't see them, because they are not routinely given MRIs.  But it's a known fact that the aging brain has slower perfusion, slower circulation and decreased blood flow, resulting in less oxygenation.  Why has the correlation of circulation in MS and other neurodegenerative diseases been ignored?  This chaps my hide.


Here's a paper where they created white matter lesions in rats' brains by clamping their carotid arteries closed.  Remember, the arteries bring the blood in, the veins take it out.  Slowed perfusion can be created by slowed delivery of blood, or slowed removal.  It works both ways.



Notice in this study, the first areas of white matter lesions were on the optic nerve after only THREE DAYS of ligation.  This mimics the order of problems we see in pwMS. RRMS patients typically present with vision problems first and show white matter lesions.


"Cerebral white matter (WM) lesions are observed frequently in human ischemic cerebrovascular disease and have been thought to contribute to cognitive impairment. This type of lesion can be experimentally induced in rat brains under chronic cerebral hypoperfusion by the permanent occlusion of both common carotid arteries. However, it remains uncertain whether chronic ischemia can damage both the gray and white matter, and whether it can induce demyelination with or without axonal damage. Therefore, we examined axonal damage using immunohistochemistry for the amyloid β/A4 precursor protein (APP), chromogranin A (CgA) and demyelination using immunohistochemistry for the encephalitogenic peptide (EP) in this model. Severe WM lesions such as vacuolation and the loss of nerve fibers appeared in the optic nerve and optic tract after 3 days of ligation, and less intense changes were observed in the corpus callosum, internal capsule, and fiber bundles of the caudoputamen after 7 days with Klüver–Barrera and Bielschowsky staining. These WM lesions persisted even after 30 days. The APP, CgA, and EP-immunopositive fibers increased in number from 1 to 30 days after the ligation in the following WM regions: the optic nerve, optic tract, corpus callosum, internal capsule, and fiber bundles of the caudoputamen. "


When neurologists say that Dr. Zamboni's research is not based on fact....give them a lecture on hypoperfusion and white matter lesions.  This is science, this is fact, this is real."






Launch MS clinical trials immediately, researcher urges


par Lorin Powell, samedi 28 août 2010, à 01:00

Premier says Saskatchewan not rushing MS surgery




par CCSVI in MS Toronto, samedi 28 août 2010, à 03:29

Today a dear friend of mine is starting a new life in Indiana. His name is Mark Lamp / irishbear76 on YouTube.


He was the first pro-ccsvi person I met, way back on November 25th 2009. That day his first ccsvi video had about 25-views. That same video has over 10,000 views now. I know you have seen it. The whole world has seen it.


Mark knew this was going to be a tough game to win. He foreshadowed what was coming. He nailed it. 


This push for ccsvi acceptance is not over. The game is only in the 3rd quarter, but we know which team is going to win in the end. It's unstoppable.


In many ways this has been a struggle for the truth. To make those see what we see. A fight for hope, that's been long overdue.


Do you guys remember when W5 aired last November, and people with MS were wondering if they too had a blood flow problem. Many started getting Doppler tests that were not showing anything. They were a bit too far ahead of the curve. Technicians were not trained, and one by one many had their hopes stepped on.


Well 2,000 liberations later, we know a vast majority of those suffering from MS, are also suffering with CCSVI. This is the trigger for MS. There is no argument anymore.


It would be impossible to have that many people treated around the globe, by dozens of different Doctors, for a blood flow issue that did not exist. Yet that recently quoted German study would want you to believe what you can’t see, and ignore what the whole world can clearly see now.


For any Government, or Medical authority to ignore the fact that CCSVI is real, is simply ridiculous. We saw the ugly face of willful ignorance, when the Albert Health Ministry issued an official statement on August 6 2010. It was unbelievable. Shame on every one of them.


Ashton Embry said:

I found this report to contain numerous factual errors, misleading statements and half truths. It also included blatant, fear mongering and an incredibly biased view of the relationship between the pathology of chronic cerebral spinal insufficiency (CCSVI) and multiple sclerosis (MS). Given that the authors of this “Information Sheet” are public civil servants who report to you, and who are ultimately responsible to the citizens of Alberta, I felt compelled to write to you to both point out the major deficiencies of this report and to ask for a retraction of it.


Given that we can assume the AHS was written by professionals, the only reasonable interpretation of why the report lacks scholarly and unbiased information is that the one or more of the authors had a conflict of interest.



One obvious conflict would be past or current ties to pharmaceutical companies that manufacture drugs for MS. Because the treatment of CCSVI has the potential to replace current drug treatments, it is to be expected anyone with financial ties to pharmaceutical companies might have the incentive to denigrate and marginalize CCSVI as a phenomenon in MS and venous angioplasty as a useful treatment for MS because of potential future financial losses.”



Day by day we see both sides of the CCSVI issue. We see the truth being stepped on by Government, and we see clear signs of hope when another person like Mark receives their angioplasty treatment, by brave and caring Doctors.


Soon this game will be over. We won’t have to fight anymore, because in the end truth will win. Those who oppose CCSVI, will get back on their team bus and head back to some dark place, in the history books of shame.


The truth is winning this game. Today Mark got his “Fighting Irish” touchdown early in the forth quarter, and I can’t tell you how happy I am for him and his family. He said he is already seeing his vision improve. To hear the excitement in his voice on his last few videos, is so awesome.


Mark just posted this note:

"I have been LIBERATED!; procedure was quick and virtually painless. The venogram revealed a 60% blockage of the right JUGULAR which was dilated with a #16 angioplasty balloon. Follow up revealed good, patent veins. My vision is VERY CLEAR! I love all of you and you will NEVER KNOW what the love and support means to me. Namaste. MJL 8/27/10 (My OTHER B-day :)"


Hope is a wonderful thing. Hang on to it, and keep it safe, because it's going to help win this game of truth.





CCSVI: Alas, Liberation; My heart open to all of you.



Mark’s Before Video:


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