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Some Unsolicited Advice for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Family picture

Family picture

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease which attacks the central nervous system. This illness has unfortunately devastated our family over the past 36 years!

Our first contact with MS was when our mother was diagnosed in 1974. This was an enormous shock to everyone. Doctors gave us no hope for a cure. As years went by, our Mother’s health deteriorated tremendously, thus confining her to a hospital bed for the last 11 years of her life.

Our second distress was when Angela was diagnosed with MS in 1990. It was very difficult for our family, especially since her two girls were 5 & 8. During the last twenty years she has been struggling with ups and downs but thankfully she was spared our mother’s sad fate.

The third jolt was when our brother Eugenio was diagnosed in 2000! Since birth he has battled with half-deafness, but this handicap never stopped him! He learned and thought sign language, acquired a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, escalated Montblanc and brilliantly succeeded in obtaining a Bachelor of Physical Education. His aspiration: to teach and encourage sports to deaf children.

This dream almost became reality when he was offered this opportunity at a high school for deaf children. However, MS had taken its toll on his body, making it impossible for him to fulfill this desire.

Within few years, his functional mobility (i.e. balance, walking, sitting) drastically changed making it difficult for him to even get himself a glass of water. He now relies on many of us for his daily living needs. Furthermore, he requires his wheelchair to leave the house.

We have tried many things to improve his quality of life: medicines, vitamins, acupuncture, physiotherapy and since January 2010, chemotherapy. Nothing has been able to halt this crippling disease but finally last November we had a NEW HOPE!

Dr. Zamboni of the University of Ferrara, Italy, founder and pioneer of CCSVI (Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) discovered a new treatment which diminishes symptoms considerably. This surgery consists of opening narrowed veins with the kind of balloons used to treat blocked heart arteries – called the ‘’liberation procedure.’’

Many MS sufferers obtained this procedure to relieve their symptoms without further delay. Unfortunately this treatment is not offered in Canada, and Eugenio is progressing quickly.

Having heard about the numerous countries that are offering this treatment, we decided to put his name on many waiting lists. Finally, this week, a clinic in Poland answered, and Eugenio is due for his treatment on September 7th!
Our challenge, we have one month to raise $15 000, a very large amount. This surgery is Eugenio’s only chance at some recovery.

We hope that you feel the enthusiasm that is in our hearts about this new treatment and will consider to help us. Every dollar raised is to offer a better quality of life for Eugenio.

We thank you in advance for your support!

Filippelli, Loreto & Trozzo families

Payment methods: cheques, cash, etc..
(514) 259-4205 ( Angela) or (514) 461-9642 (Roxanne)

Paypal payments: angela_trozzo@hotmail.com"

Multiple sclerosis patients are being denied relief




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Annabelle 16/08/2010 12:27

une grande partie de la famille ravagée par cette pourriture de maladie ... 

et si nous faisions pareil ? 

j'veux dire, on ouvre un compte Paypal, les gens mettent la somme qu'ils veulent dessus ... même 1€. Eh pis, ce compte servira pour tous ceux qui veulent être libérés.

Bon c'est de l'utopie, c'est vrai qu'en France la solidarité n'existe pas, ou peu ... 

Handi@dy 16/08/2010 23:58

A creuser... L'assoce que veut créer Rodrigue va aussi oeuvrer dans ce but! :0010:

Mel 16/08/2010 11:15

coucou ma cop'!

une bise sur ton blog... ne rougis pas, c'est normal parce qu'on t'aim' bcp !

Bonne semaine et @ très bientôt!


Handi@dy 16/08/2010 12:22

Merci Mel! Gros gros :0010: