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Local resident Misha Zibin says he was pleased with his recent surgery in New York and the outpouring of support from Grand Forks residents.

Zibin has multiple sclerosis and opted to receive the “Liberation Procedure,” which is not approved in Canada. However, Zibin said the procedure should be made widely available.

The surgery improves blood flow from the brain through angioplasty or stints.

In his case, Zibin said doctors attempted to correct blockages in the internal left jugular vein, first through angioplasty and then through stints. He had three stints put in which will have to be monitored on a regular basis. Right now he is contact with Interior Health to see if this can be done through the public health care system in Canada.

Zibin said he was awake during the surgery and immediately upon having the blockage relieved he felt warmth from his head to his toes. It was at that point he knew the procedure was working.

“I’ve never had warm toes,” he says.

Zibin said he realizes now how much tension he’s been carrying in his body. He can now breathe without effort, and his massage therapist has found it easier to manipulate his hips during treatment. Transferring from his wheelchair has become easier and his vision and vocal chords are stronger.

“The procedure was a huge success,” he said.

Following the surgery, he spent a day in hot and humid Albany touring the sights and found the heat didn’t bother him the way it did in the past.

“In fact, recently I’ve spent too much time in the sun,” he said.

Zibin says he hopes to see the surgery offered in Canada in the near future and says the MS Society to do more to fund research of the procedure in Canada.

“It’s a simple procedure,” he says. “There’s no reason it shouldn’t be offered.”

Zibin says he was impressed by the support of the community, which fundraised for his treatment.

“The Grand Forks community really stepped up and helped me out,” he said. “I was amazed by this small little community.”

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