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*****Vidéos diverses d'Ectrims!
*Echos de murs:

*Yvonne Andersen  Off to Ontario today for my follow up dopplar and to meet some wonderful friends for supper! Also, finished up a job application/resume and cover letter for a job this morning. Hopefully I hear something from them when I get back. Looking forward to going back to work. (I think lol)

*Ginger MacQueen
Re: Dr. Zamboni recently on the news: He is just covering his butt. Im sure some lawyer told him he'd better say this in case someone gets hurt or dies seeking treatment. Thata all it is, Im sure!
Kellye Cooper  I totally agree Ginger. I think he got hammered at that conference
Susan Bugg Ganger I agree! He is just protecting himself.
Cathy Szuszkiewicz Amyotte I totally agree. Caution is big for him right now since the neurologists are like vultures waiting for the least negative indication to prey on.
Robert Tyranski  I only hope his work earns him the Nobel Prize one day... which is sorta selfish on my part, because that would mean.. I'd be healthy and MS progression was something banished to strories that people share.
Peggy Connolly  What did he say. No link here. Told u that conference was gonna be terrifying.
Kate Crocker im soooo lost! what happened?
Matt Smith he just said he didnt recommend medical tourism and that ppl should only get the procedure done in clinical trials 4 now. he's just doin the doctor thing.
Jackie Forester  Yeah thought it was something that he has already said ''not to travel to another country'' it was I think when they had a conference and all sitting together and we watched live via webcam posted on fb......
Jasmina Pecic Lawson I like the guy, but I wander if he would have recommended the same thing to his wife?
Jayne Thomas hmm good question, but I think he would have..his rationality would have kicked in and we alll want to do the best for our loved ones...my family is behind me 100%
Judi Palumbo
He has been saying all year that people who aren't in dire shape should wait but that those who are rapidly progressing should be treated on humanitarian grounds. It doesn't sound like he's saying much different now. He seems like a good ...
Shirley Renshaw I agree 100% Ginger. The nay sayers can be brutal in all kinds of situations. Especially when you are out numbered. What was it 5,000 to 2???
Diana Gordon Shirley, there haven't been any deaths related to the treatment (that I know of).
Kathy Rose That was my immediate thought, as well... he HAD to say what was said! I don't believe he would let ANY of us down, now... I KNOW, in MY heart, that he wouldn't!!
Sandra Mcneil  There was what in my opinion a 1/2 second blip on cbc news which had my husband jump up from the chesterfield saying" why bother putting anything on television if all they show is a mini,mini clip!! Gives the wrong impression to people who do not follow or read on what is going on
Lynnie Heal I knew they would do something to push it backwards instead of forward I knew it , its so wrong theres many who have had operations and been ill after its all a chance we take
Lynnie Heal to ease this burden and put things at rest I will sign a paper to declare that I wont sue if it goes wrong
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Erika Tasanko  And the lawyers all wait...like hungry wolves, looking for mistakes, bad wording or one bad procedure(which won't happen cause angio is safer than meds)
Sebastien 義真 Cyr Well it WILL happen. They will just use the story twist and distort facts to build their case to the general public. Trying to make CCSVI and a Vomelet at the same level. Yes they will try will they suceed????
Erika Tasanko  I hope not Sebastien...it will set everything back another 40 years. And I can't wait till I'm 70
Sebastien 義真 Cyr Dont worry they wont BUT they will try and they will also make it look as if they won. Now the more people go abroad to get fixed and as longs as places like the USA,Germany and the United Kingdom keep on doing it they will NOT be able to hide the dirt when we sue them.
Tessa Rushton  My dad called me all upset about the article... I said hmm... Do you think his lawyers called him? Dad laughed & said... Right! He's covering his bottom! My dad's so cute!
Judi Palumbo  Scot - it's about Dr. Zamboni recommending that people not engage in medical tourism to address CCSVI but rather wait until it is available close to home.
Heather Trainor  Yes, it must be tough to be Dr. Zamboni now.
Patricia LaPorta  such a stupid situation.....however i for at least one am so grateful for his efforts.....i like walking, and feeling hungry, and sleeping all night!!!
Susan Schneider  I agree Jenna - see my post regarding the Edmonton news clip - I defended Zamboni during the interview but they diidn't include that
Bob Parisi ‎@ Susan - I just watched the clip on your wall and it looks like an old fashioned witch hunt. I will say one thing though is that I've heard a couple of not so nice stories from India. I'm waiting on Schenectady, can't afford the airfare anyway but I want stents this time!!!
Brenda Raven yup, and thing is, of course we would like to have the treatment at home, and there will be places offering that aren't good, more reason to have it at home, especially for follow up. so frustrating!! but they get one out of what thousands that had a bad reaction to medication... not the procedure,.... and that's news????
Bob Parisi success stories are not NEWS unless you rescue puppies from the river. People feed on the trail of human excrement left over from tragedy. It's sick and it's sad but this is the age of Reality TV
Jenna Machala  It is too bad that none of them has enough b...... to stick to the original thought. It is easy to withdrawal, much harder to push forward.

*Amy Gaylord-Preston
I'm not so great on Mike's laptop. CCSVI angioplasty was successful. No problems. Blockage in left IJV was ballooned...no stent. Not having huge changes yet...complicated by allergic reactions to corn in valium and aspirin (recommended). The valium really messed me up, because I don't take meds. Hands are warm now, but were still ice cold post angio. More in comments.
Amy Gaylord-Preston
but were still ice cold post angio.
Notice an increase in pins and needles..a welcome addition to the constant numbness...Balance stilll stinks. I have a valium left, and Mike wants me to use it for the trip home through the Adirondacks...s...o I won't complain about him driving too fast on rollercoaster roads...not going to happen. lol
Maria Meszaros Dekleer lol, don't worry I was so messed up after too either the valium or anesthetic or dye, but took a week then better, soooo happy for you xxxxx and {{HUGS}}}}}}
Amy Gaylord-Preston If anyone knows of aspirin that is gluten free and corn free, please let me know...damn fillers! Amazing gluten-free restaurant/deli/bakery here. (Sherry Lynn's Gluten-free) I might have to move.

*Patrick Farrell  Barb is coming home November 4th! She had a quick visit on Thursday and loves the paint-job in the master bedroom and dining room. Brownie points for Patrick!

*Helen Cosburn
Miracles are happening right before our eyes! If Liberation changed one thing for you, what would you want that to be? If you have been liberated, what was the most important or surprising change, big or small?
Dawn Skinner I got my life back (sorry Kathleen, I happy to be a copy cat!)
Matt Smith i want my balance back (eyesight improvement wouldnt be bad either) :P

Kathleen Lynch  Most important change I experienced as a result of my treatment? I got my life back.
Patricia LaPorta  my bladder is giving more notice, and i can look at the sky w/out falling over----many little things!!!!!!
Angela Russo
so, this is it. off to bed, it is 10:47 pm here - wake up call is at 6:30 am and off to the hospital for my 9:30 appointment :). will keep you all posted as soon as i can. please keep me in your prayers. thank you God for this opportunity. it was a tough year, but the time has finally come :) - so unreal!!!
*Ccsvi Transverse Myelitis Disease is very old and nothing about it has changed. It is we who change as we learn to recognise what was formerly imperceptible. J.M. Charcot
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