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ccsvi-zamboni-is-history.jpgMes yeux vont mieux, pas encore parfaits, mais donc PAS SEP! Je continue de limiter mes mises à jour accueil! Bisous!

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CCSVI Info Session - Victoria BC - Aug 4 2010



CCSVI: Dr. Zamboni on Treatment of Primary Progressive MS [HQ]

*Echos de murs: Post-Liberation Updates
No, we are not going away, except to have treatment. hehehe This week. Sue Parkes Chornenki, Judy Kellar Collins, Linda Dykas, Lena Close, Cecil Keagan, Kathy Meeler Doswell, Joe Venditti, Charlotte Petrowski Harris, Dawn Skinner, Chrystal Gomes, and
Deb Knapp, are the ones "going away" this week.. They are going happily, I must add. ;)

Michelle Walsh  Devin Hubbard Just got my report, 4 months after angio, no new lesions!!!!Yesterday at 11:32am

Michelle Walsh  Positive attitude. Leading each day in a way to get the most out of each moment. Open a new chapter in life where ever you are. Make the most of what you have left. Accept the things that have happened and issues you can't change. Living life in doom and gloom is not much fun. Thankyou Dr Jerry this is very good advice:-)

Frédéric Berton  L'ami d'un collègue a eu un stent à chaque jugulaire suite à un AVC car ses veines étaint trop petite (opéré à ROUEN). Cela c'est fait en 2009. Aujourd'hui on nous fait croire que cette opération en France est trop dangeureuse ou pas assé de recule. On se fou de notre gueule !!! Ils veulent nous laisser dépérir !!!

Ginger MacQueen
So bird poison was deemed too dangerous to give to MS patients in Europe but the FDA has approved Fingolimod for Americans. WTF???

Lynne Gunn I was reading the side effects the other day and thought it looked worse than the shots...figures
Cathy Sanchez  Yeah Lynne I did too. I saw where they want you to stay at the dr's office for 6 hrs after the first dose to monitor your heart. Then add in the flu like side effects, risk of cancer & herpes and I think I'll just keep right on injecting myself everyday. That stuff is too scary for me.
Becky Cagle I was in a trial for this drug, it made me so sick. And I have a heart problem, and it was just made worse by this drug! Don't take it!
Dawn Lazelli Yes, Ampyra is the bird poison. I started taking it, and it's quite possible that it caused my bladder infection, which caused a marked difference in my bladder symptoms, which caused a catheter, which caused another infection. I'm done with Ampyra, obviously.
Cris Paulishyn
They are friggen idiots wonder how long that was studied? Look at the side effects...Side effects
Fingolimod has been associated with potentially fatal infections, bradycardia, skin cancer and, recently, a case of haemorrhaging focal encepha...litis, an inflammation of the brain with bleeding. Two subjects died: one due to brain herpes infection, second one due to zoster. It is unclear whether the drug was responsible for the events.[16]

The most common side effects of fingolimod have been head colds, headache, and fatigue. But there have also been a few cases of skin cancer, which has also been reported in patients taking natalizumab (Tysabri), an approved MS drug.[17]
LaWanda Rock Its obvious they released it because they want people to NEED them even more but do you know how many people are going to JUMP at the chance to be on a pill instead. Some have no idea, they just do what their doc suggests or they hear there's a pill now...no bother in reading up on it.
Ginger MacQueen  OK So WTF? Other countries are saying NO to Fingolimod because they say it's too dangerous!
Gilenya, Novartis's new oral medication, receives FDA approval
Viewing Gilenya from the CCSVI perspective written for CCSVI Alliance by Al Ossorio   Gilenya, Novartis's new oral MS medication, was approved by the FDA on Tuesday, September 22nd....
Par :CCSVI Alliance

CCSVI at UBC MS Clinic - Information and Support  Rob Darwin is a long-time member of this community. He lives on Vancouver Island and is a big supporter of the CCSVI pioneers who first sought treatment and answers. His mom now reports on Rob's post-treatment progress -- see first comment to share in her good news:
CCSVI at UBC MS Clinic - Information and Support
From Winnifred Darwin: "Rob had his procedure and doing well. He had a 90% blockage on the left but they did not stent as it was at the junction and a stent would shift or move more easily in that area so they ballooned it. He also had 40% ...blockage on the right which they ballooned. I truly believe if this had been researched more in 2003 when they linked this a lot of MS patients would not be in the position they are in to-day. He immediately got warm feet & hands after the procedure. They are now a healthy natural color instead of being white as they were before for years as well as cold as ice. He can wiggle his toes and move his left foot up/down & around. His right foot he can wiggle his toes."

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