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This community has become a family.   I know we all feel closely connected.  Whenever any of us meet, around the globe, there is an instant recognition.  Like family.   Tonight, let's keep Angela in our thoughts.  She is at Johns Hopkins Hospital, being treated for PML, due to her tysabri treatments.  Thanks to Maria for letting us know---




Here are her husband Keith's latest comments:


"Angela rested well last night and was feeling strong this morning, walking the floor of the hospital. She had the central line inserted into her lower neck today and had her first plasma exchange treatment. The central line is causing some discomfort but the plasma exchange went well. 4 more treatments to go. These plasma exchanges are done to remove the Tysabri from her blood. This should take 98% of the drug out of her system. Then her immune system will attack the virus."


Angela runs the charity Flowers4MS.  http://www.flowers4ms.com/

 Many of you know her on this page as our dear, cheerful Italian friend, the woman who translates Dr. Zamboni's YouTube videos into English.   Angela is Italian born, and now lives in the US with her husband.  She was dx with MS in 2006.  She knows she has CCSVI, but has not been treated.  And now she has PML.


I hate MS...I hate what it does to peoples' lives.  I hate the horrific treatments that are offered to you.  I hope for better.  For everyone.  Tonight, I hope for Angela...and I know you do, too.


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