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Last night at Le Iene aired a heartfelt appeal to Nicoletta Mantovani, the widow of Luciano Pavarotti, the Italian government, especially addressed to the Minister of Health Fazio, that people with multiple sclerosis (which she also suffers from years) who also suffer from chronic venous insufficiency cerebrospinal have the opportunity to be operated as for now the disease is not treated as such. The Mantovani refers to the new therapeutic approach proposed by Dr. Zamboniand dr. Salvi and the relationship between multiple sclerosis and CCSVI.


This new way to fight MS is awaiting the start of the trial that was supposed to start in May this year but still to date has failed to start because the Italian health system does not recognize the syndrome as a hemodynamic disease. The list of patients who want to undergo the angioplasty is very long and those who have had the 'opportunity to be made seems to have recovered completely and therefore this does not explain why the state does not allow testing Nicoletta Mantovani, in 'Giulio Golia interview to the question why do not you go to America to make it (in fact there you can do very well but in private hospitals with 50 or 60 thousand euros), said that it would be like to stop fighting for all the other patients which are in his condition. 


"I think it's time to say enough, we're not talking about alternative treatments, we are talking about something scientific rigor. We multiple sclerosis, which at this point we discovered that we have two diseases, we at least be operated by one. We ask the government to recognize that even here in Italy as a disease and must be treated and then ask for the opportunity to be operated immediately."


These are the words of the wife of Pavarotti, who is now fighting for years for this, really hope that something unlock it, because listening to the testimonies of those who underwent angioplasty intervention is clear that healing is very handy.


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par CCSVI in MS Toronto, jeudi 30 septembre 2010, à 19:28

The MS Society of Canada locked their Facebook site today. You will no longer be able to post a new topic. Your voices have been snuffed out.  


I guess Yves no longer wants to hear the truth about CCSVI. He wants to completely control their agenda.


More proof they no longer represent people with MS. 





Post from the MS Society:



Greetings all,


One of the original objectives of this Facebook community was the provision of an online environment for people of all walks of life to engage, support and interact with each other in a positive, safe and constructive manner.


I recognize that this is no longer occurring. I’ve read accounts of individuals being threatened privately through Facebook after sharing their opinion here. I have also lost the ability to communicate with members of this community who are looking for information not related to CCSVI.


These issues concern me, and a step I will be implementing today to counteract the problem is removing the function for individuals to create new wall posts or discussion threads. My hope is that by updating this group with a variety of MS related topics we can eventually return to a place of safe and supportive conversation that meets the information needs of many in this community.


You will still have the option to comment on MS Society postings, however, those comments that fall outside the scope of our policy or the post topic (e.g. off topic comments) will be removed.


Thank you for telling us what topics matter to you. I’ve listened, and as requested will be sharing news and information from a variety of avenues, including: research from medical and scientific peer reviewed literature (this includes CCSVI updates), updates from the government relations and advocacy work we do, and news affecting MS treatments.


I’ll also share bulletins from the ‘What’s New’ section of our website and hopeful stories coming from those living with MS.


You can continue to contact us at info@mssociety.ca. We’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner.






MS Society Link:



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