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MS patient battles Victoria to receive new treatment


Saskatchewan to fund trial, but B.C.'s MSP won't cover it


"Liberation procedure" for MS works, Oak Bay woman says


But medical experts urge caution

Ray Bryant and Margaret Bryant travelled to Mexico so that Margaret, who has battled MS for 53 years, could get the "liberation treatment."

Ray Bryant and Margaret Bryant travelled to Mexico so that Margaret, who has battled MS for 53 years, could get the "liberation treatment."

Photograph by: Darren Stone, Times Colonist


A long way to go for treatment

Paula Brown of Chatham says she feels alive again!

The 50-year-old homemaker, who has suffered with multiple sclerosis for the past 16 years, is fresh home from Mexico.

She underwent an angioplasty procedure for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency at the Sanoviv Medical Institute in Rosa Rita, Mexico, less than 40 minutes south of San Diego.

Brown is one of approximately 10 Canadians who have shelled out $18,000 for what is being dubbed the “liberation” treatment.

In order to pay for the treatment the Browns took out a second mortgage on their home.

“I feel so much better,” said Brown, married and mother of three boys. “I feel alive again. I’m walking straighter, have regained my confidence and my hands and feet are no longer cold.”

Brown said she now wakes up with a purpose in life and highly recommends the treatment to others with MS.

“But I’m telling people not to take my word for it,” she said. “I want them to do their own research before taking any action.”

Brown plans to launch a fundraising program in the coming months to assist other MS patients who can’t afford the high cost of the procedure.

“It’s crazy the procedure is available right here in Ontario,” she said. “It’s simply a case of opening the jugular vein with angioplasty to allow the blood to flow more freely from the brain.”

Brown said the procedure requires passing a small catheter through the femoral vein to the area of venous narrowing.

“There was 70-per-cent blockage in my vein and a routine balloon angioplasty (venoplasty) was used to open the narrowed veins,” she said.

Brown said the same procedure performed in Ontario would cost less than $1,500.

“But doctors here aren’t allowed to perform the procedure on MS patients,” he said. “It’s discrimination against those with MS.”

Brown said the clinic where she and her husband spent a week was like a five-star resort.

She was seen by a large team of specialists prior to the procedure, which is carried out off-premise in a hospital a short distance away.

“The procedure took only an hour,” she said.

The price Brown paid includes follow-up visits in two months and six months.

She was also accompanied by a friend from St. Thomas, who underwent the same procedure and is having good results.

Brown said her friends in Chatham will be surprised to read about her experience.

She said she’s always been a “closet” MS patient who preferred not to openly discuss her ailment.

“In the past week I’ve not only seen my health improve but I’ve regained my confidence,” she said. “I feel like a new woman.”"

Welcome to Medical center CCSVI BG--Why should you choose “Medical Centre CCSVI BG” ?--Bulgaria


 The venous connection to MS- a timeline


Room for others to do liberation treatment trials for MS, province says

par CCSVI in MS Toronto, samedi 19 juin 2010, à 04:22

Last time I checked, Yves Savoie was still the Canadian MS Society President. On Parliament Hill May 6 2010, he was asked about the CCSVI ratification document from the International Union of Phlebology.

Yves said: "Unfortunately, I'm not aware of it, and I'd be delighted to have the reference to explore it."


This CCSVI document is one of the most important in the history of CCSVI. This condition was ratified 9-months ago by the International Union of Phlebology, in 47-countries, way back in September 2009.

Shouldn't the head of the MS Society be aware of this document? How can he advise the Federal Health Minister, of any Federal or Provincial Health Authority, when he is not prepared for the job?

If Yves was working at Best Buy selling TV's, and displayed such a lack of product knowledge in front of their customers, he would have been let go.

This is what you get from an organization that spends $14,630,599 dollars for administration and fund raising. (48% of $30,480,416 revenue)

That's right. Nearly 1/2 of the money they raise is used for administration costs!

Which charities spend the most on administration?

Time after time the MS Society "talking heads" appear on TV or in front of some committee, and show how completely oblivious they are. Many times they actually seem to be blocking access to CCSVI Testing and Treatment. Every one of them seem to be completely aware of every negative study or "problem" with CCSVI. But they sure don't appear able to point to the massive body of evidence supporting CCSVI.

We all have seen them dredge up the various "talking points" that Neuros use to try to discredit CCSVI. I know you have seen this time and time again. If this happened once, I could understand, but there is a steady stream of verbal garbage spewing out from staff who work at their Toronto headquarters.

It is one thing to be so out-to-lunch, but for $14,630,599 in administration costs, MS sufferers deserve more.

During the last Parliament Hill meeting with Dr. Zamboni, and Dr. Simka. Karen Lee the Assistant Vice-President of Research for the Canadian MS Society, said some interesting things.

Karen was quick to bring up the recent study showing where Neuros in Europe said that there is no connection between CCSVI and MS. But was unaware that over 1,000 around the globe have been successfully treated for CCSVI. This important body of CCSVI Treatment evidence is brushed aside. Treated MS sufferers are getting better. Something no pill can deliver.

Several MP's mentioned that the MS Society of Canada appears to be fighting CCSVI, against the wishes of the very people they are suppose to be supporting.

Remember Ms. Royal on the CBC. The host even mentioned that he didn't feel that there was a positive message coming from the MS Society. Zero Enthusiasm.

The recent announcement of research funding, does not include any vascular experts, and offers no treatment study options. They simply supported research that will take years.

They are systematically going out of their way to act willfully ignorant, and they quickly point to issues that help support roadblocks to CCSVI Testing and Treatment options.

The MS Society of Canada has evolved into a fat bloated bureaucratic organization that burns through their cash. Their record is there for all to see.

Their mindset is so last century, and their actions no longer support the wishes of MS patients.

This is what you get for $14,630,599 dollars.

This crap just gives me a headache. I think I will go do a lap of my local Best Buy.

Have an awesome weekend too eh.


Society of Interventional Radiology supports research for new MS treatments



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