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MS patients claim vein therapy on taxes

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | 11:27 PM ET Comments6Recommend13

The tax credit could be worth 20 to 25 per cent of taxable income, an accountant says.
par CCSVI in MS Toronto, mardi 26 octobre 2010, à 18:44

Day by day "The Society" is revealing people who have had an impact on MS. I'm sure many are awesome.


You will notice that many are listed because they raise a lot of cash. Since it seems fund raising is their main objective at head office. Got to pay for that massive overhead eh.


Later we will see that Day # 43 will be about a Dog, Day # 49 will be about Vitamin D and Day # 57 will be about a Hambuger.


Day # 86 will be about Fund Raising. They will say: "Mark your calendars for December 5th, 12th, and 19th when you can call (306) 546-6200 between 9:00am and 12:00noon to make your dedication request for a donation to help End MS"


Like I said... it's all about fund raising...


But as you know 2010 is different. We now have this new blood flow theory called CCSVI. It has changed the face of MS forever. There are so many heros to mention. But something tells me they won't be on this list.


They are true heros who never received a single penny from "The Society" and probably never will.


Do you think Dr. Sandy McDonald will be mentioned on this list?


Will "The Society" mention the IRB approved CCSVI research at False Creek?


What about Dr. Haacke's MRI research?


How about the Saskatchewan Premier who is spending $5,000,000 for CCSVI Clinical Trials?


It would be awesome to see Ashton Embry mentioned.


What about W5?


My god, shouldn't Facebook be mentioned too?


Do you think any of the true heros of CCSVI will ever be listed by "The Society" as their 100 day coundown continues?


So far, none of the CCSVI heros are not on my copy of this list. Lets see how it unfolds...


But the way I see it. If the true heros of CCSVI do not make it on the 100 day list, then this clearly will become another example of how "The Society" does not represent people with MS anymore.


Will it end up being their "Last 100 Days of Celebration?"


Maybe we will be proven wrong? Lets see how their shiny new PR exercise evolves. "


‘On top of the world’

*President Obama Signs “Improving Access to Clinical Trials Act” Into Law, Finalizing a Major Achievement for CF Advocates

We are watching and waiting!



100 Days of Celebration:



par CCSVI in MS Toronto, mardi 26 octobre 2010, à 23:42

We have a pleasure to announce that as of beginning of December, we will be in position to DOUBLE the number of patients served daily. We have been mentioning this plan to our patients for some time and now it has become a reality.


As a result, we are expecting to reduce treatment waiting list to NO MORE THAN THIRTY DAYS starting in January - as promised to our patients since the beginning of our activities in the area of CCSVI diagnosis and treatment.


Along with the availability of additional equipment and hospital beds, we have increased number of coordinators to secure prompt response to treatment inquiries and have received a green light from our medical team leader - Dr Maciej Zarebinski regarding his team readiness to serve additional number of patients.


Feel free to share this information with other patients, so they are aware of anticipated short waiting list - as this is the most important news to all patients worldwide expecting a relief anticipated from CCSVI treatment.


Marcin Duszyński



Baby death scandal at stem cell clinic which treats hundreds of British patients a year


A painful reminder


Jeff Donegan isn't looking for a miracle, but one wouldn't hurt

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