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Barre google detraduction indispensable!



Former mayor to lead Alberta review service for multiple sclerosis sufferers


News expected today from gov't


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Multiple Sclerosis: Colm benefi ted from vein surgery



Ontario considers curbing vitamin D testing


Is there a connection between MS and Mercury Fillings? I'm not sure, but I just removed my mercury fillings, this is why:


Green Tea Side Effects Warnings!

Advice To New Drinkers


Hayan posible cura definitiva contra la esclerosis múltiple

*Former Lacombe mayor named MS committee chair


Desperate Hope


ATAXIA and Multiple Sclerosis


Saskatchewan Party government confirms $5 million for MS liberation treatment clinical trials

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/health/Saskatchewan+Party+government+confirms+million+liberation+treatment/3695048/story.html#ixzz12tHeGIIP



par CCSVI in MS Toronto, mardi 19 octobre 2010, à 21:46

Just had a call from Jamie, our roving reporter. He said that the security guards have forced all the people gathered for the rally to stay in a fenced off area near the large fountain. He said they feel like cattle.


The security officers are keeping the MSrs about 500ft away from the steps of the building. What a joke!


Jamie also said he was walking with his cane towards a gate to get into the fenced area, and the guard wouldn't open it, forcing him to take a long walk around to get in the penned off area.


In Ottawa last month, those who went to the rally were allowed to be near the building and even sit on the front steps, but in Québec they are being kept away.


Francine, Christopher and a couple other people had a private 1-hour meeting with the Québec Health Minister.



Why I had the Zamboni procedure

Published on October 19th, 2010


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